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Friday, February 5, 2016


Graduation is a general word which means continuous development
Not only continuous, it also means a consistent growth and achievement
Every human being likes to be the master in his field he chooses to be
Twinkling like a star in the night and everyone praising what they see

Reaching the top most position is dream for every one who starts new
Many start with high levels of energy but the ultimate aim is reached by few
Reasons for stories success can be attributed to many factors, relevant or not
Stories of failures, though important, generally belong to the neglected lot

Graduation is not restricted to academics only, it has a universal applicability
Its importance can be experienced on purchase of vehicle based on ability
Even Graduation is important in development of a sports person
Graduation is natural, look at a father, some day he too was a son

Knowingly or unknowingly, every person is thrown in the pool of education
Few enjoy the waves of knowledge others grow just in frustration
After completing SSC, a pandora box is opened for making a career
HSC and Graduation  is completed by many, to make others cheer

Every person has a dream to purchase a vehicle of his choice
In early days, one gets a bicylce, he accepts without any voice
He then demands for a scooter or a bike, depending on his age
Finally, he Graduates to a car of his choice, based on his wage

The same rules of graduation helps every sportsman to enjoy
Begin with small and make it large, helps him grow with joy
During running, every amateur, a 5km run to begin is the mantra
A 10km run,  a half marathon, then a full, will help enjoy an ultra

Anyone who takes a short cut from his graduation in any aspect
Faces difficulty in achieving set targets, may also loose respect
By graduating, one understands the importance of achievement 
For an early success may fail to gauge the depth of accomplishment

Take small steps, understand the goals, move consistently, take appropriate rest
Graduation makes one humble and teaches winning against self is always the best
These last lines are devoted to my running fraternity
Give your comments, suggestions for I know you are smart and witty.