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Friday, August 10, 2012

Being in Love

Every feeling of a person can be felt on the face
when life shows him different shades
it can be of being shy, happy or very joyous
but being in love is the most special of all cases
a person who is in love can be singled out, even when he walks in a crowd
he is in his own planet who smiles sheepingly, without being bothered
He hardly recognises a person in the crowd -  be it relative or friends
who later enquire as to justifications of the actions of face and hands
This idiot again gets caught and has to pay a heavy price
because he tries to avoid the enquiries and moves to some other place
The seeds of doubts get sown in the mind by his mannerism
and further gets confirmed by his sheer ignorance and euphorism
When the world is busy pointing fingers at him for doing wrong
He himself feels that others words are tune of a wonderful song
By objecting to his being in love and making him a joke
Hardly does he understand that every person who has made a poke
is a rich garden of experience in this game
and every such person does not want in the history a new name!!!


  1. Vishu sir..hmm...very true...I would say...never imagined that u had such a wonderful talent of writing...way to go sir...n even I agree that in love, a person creates his own dreamworld...which is very beautiful n tempting......

    Do write sir...I wud love to hear ur new poems..hope something very interesting is comin up...

  2. Its really interesting and very true sir.......

  3. Woooooo its really nice i am reading it first time great Poem that 2 on LOVE .

  4. Vry nice sir........ U said dat its a boy's feeling....... Bt i dnt think its only about a boy..... It relates to a girl also........ Even she feels d same........ Every person feels it........ They jst create their own fantasy and starts living in it......... Such a wonderful feeling.....

    It was pleasure reading it....... I'll be waiting for some more beautiful poems related to 'LOVE'.......

  5. Such true emotions expressed in simple words !! Your articles are terrific , I'm just thinking.....a person from Accounts who has drunk the subject , ca he write ??? .. The answer would be YESSSSS !! Vishu sir , you are awesome ... Keep writing , because you express the truth of each emotion, may be it is mobile, love , valentine !!

  6. true emotions only expressed in simple words. Your articles are fabulus.
    thank you very much for sharing this one.

  7. The way you wrote everything that's so good. Thanks for sharing this with us

  8. Really Fantastic, Thanks a lot helpful Guide.