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Monday, December 24, 2012


Emotions in persons are very different, very odd
Devotion is a character blessed only by God

The character who has reached heights of fame  - Hanuman
is being worshiped today for being staunch devotee of Lord Ram

Sant Kabir spoke to people through his 'dohe'
Sudama gained prosperity in life by sharing with Lord Krishna some 'pohe'

Dyaneshwar, Tukaram, Ramdas -were a few blessed soul
preaching their 'enlightenment' through 'abhangs' being their goal

So many saints, few known and many unknown, though mortal
sang praises of the God merrily and became immortal

Being a devotee is not at all easy
for he has to obey Master's command selflessly

If selfless surrender is difficult, to put one's ego at other's feet is daunting
The criticisms from every corner of society will be always mounting

A true devotee can gain control of all such mental block
For he enjoys the company of his Master at every tick of clock

Once the mind is ready, the hindrances are few
the devotee explores avenues of life, for him which is new

The fruits of devotion quenches the thirst of satisfaction
Puts into back seat - greed, anger, fear and other emotion

The beauty of this relation can be felt as the two live in worlds apart
Still both live together and meet only after the soul departs

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  1. True saying wid the better explained meaningful sayings which remains unheard unexplained nw a days