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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Service to mankind

Service to mankind is service to God, is the saying
Many people practice this principle and indulge in serving

Here comes the difference between thinkers and doer
people who think still are thinking how do they serve the poor

While doers start doing their activity and start whatever they can do
without thinking if their act will yield results which they were intended to

The service includes serving plain water to the people who are walking
Providing different Juices or Buttermilk on a summer day is refreshing

Some arrange for different fruits or biscuits to munch
A few blessed people arrange for full fledged dinner or lunch

Satisfying the stomach is not the only means of service to human nation
those who provide for free "Maalish" do their bit of providing relaxation

The best relief providers are Doctors who accompany a group for these days
For hundreds of people who walk barefooted rely on medicines and sprays

Not to be forgotten are the people who provide free accommodation to all
For arrangement of  food, water and shelter are the challenges to be met stiff and tall

Ultimately, everyone should try to be a donor, not only of cash, in a group
Everyone should donate time, labour and provide selfless 'seva' to the troupe

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My experience of Padyatra - OM SAI!!!

When we planned to walk to Shirdi from lalbaug in mumbai
Many counted us as a pack of jokers and laughingly bade us bye-bye

They were correct in respect of practical problems one face
for walking for so many days needed consistency and pace

Practically this is not good as sun is on the head with tremendous heat
The faith, however, empowers the devotee to face the challenges he is to meet

Walking, as is proved by science, is beneficial for health
Also, being alone makes him realise inner self and forget his created wealth

When one walks in such a group, he learns many things on daily basis
Power of Supreme is experienced, Faith revoked that His creation of desert also has an oasis

The group size may be huge collectively but a person is alone throughout
whenever he walks, he normally gets grossly engaged in this personal thought

He meets friends, old and new, in between the walk or at pre-decided halts
He learns to lead life with necessities, accepting food with or without salts

When walking lengthy stretch of road, a person estimates the time and distance
but the unexpected turns, ups and downs in between, makes him worried and tense

The inner strength comes to the fore, the Almighty gives courage, lends a helping hand
the moving crowd raises the mental strength, the tired feet starts moving swiftly in the sand

The sight of destination to be reached provides immense satisfaction, even it its far away
The feeling of happiness erupts within in appraisal of achievement of the target for the day

Every short target achieved accumulates into achieving the larger vision
Minutes converts to hours, hours to day and 10 days together marks end of the season

Knowingly or unknowingly, one reaches the "Darbar" of SAI
Standing in front of the calm, integrated statue generates stream of tears from the eye

What all emotions erupt within cannot be described, how so ever one gives a try
The feeling is same as a child sharing everything to a calm listening "Aai"

The joy, the inner peace derived, makes one realise there is no existence of  'I'
Offering ourself at HIS Lotus feet is the only way to salvation  - OM SAI, OM SAI!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Picnic just says Pick your bag at the available nick
Helps your mind to refresh, ends being homesick

Picnic is just an excuse to break the routine
Does not really depend on the place or cuisine

Picnic is a great stress buster from the chaos and pressure
A few people close to the heart is enough for leisure

Picnic is always special in many a ways
For everything thrusted inside the heart is released always

The D-Day of Picnic has a majestic touch as one wakes smiling
Everyone has a feel good factor from within, right from the beginning

Even the sleep god fails to weave its magic all around
The laziest bones are energetic with positivity showing turnaround

Picnics are enjoyable, because of accompanies we choose
The right chord of emotions are released when we let ourselves loose

Planned picnics have all comforts arranged so some may be bored
Instant picnics have the surprise element but its a two edged sword

Today I am moving off for one such unplanned picnics with anxious heart
the enjoyment will unfold once the travel begins to a world apart

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Wait

The person in true love have always experienced to wait
Seeing the face of his love, is the hidden bait

Many a times this wait kills the person from inside
The sweet end result makes him keep other things aside

There is no definite place where one waits for the eyes to meet
Besides a dustbin, at a crowded market place, is fine just to greet

The time spent for the wait separates him from his family and friends 
The priority of the lover changes, the importance of others ends

The impatient person by nature suddenly builds in loads of patience 
Just to impress his love and thereby making lots of hidden sacrifice

There is a huge charm and selflessness in the process of waiting
He forgets the world to see the smile on Her face with blushing

Today this modern world had equipped all with Information Technology revolution
But still the development has failed to stop the original nature of human evolution

When the person involved in a chat, sends his message and waits for the reply
His heart impounds impatiently for those few seconds anticipating to fly

In case there is an instant power failure, the wait creates an accidental rage
The original inner self gets revealed and a war of words is sure to emerge

The wait was there before and is existing in today's date
The medium, the messenger though different, always invokes love for the mate.

Those moments of wait are always vital and precious treasure for both
After ‘the wait’ when true love is the winner then it’s a gift mammoth