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Saturday, April 27, 2013

My experience of Padyatra - OM SAI!!!

When we planned to walk to Shirdi from lalbaug in mumbai
Many counted us as a pack of jokers and laughingly bade us bye-bye

They were correct in respect of practical problems one face
for walking for so many days needed consistency and pace

Practically this is not good as sun is on the head with tremendous heat
The faith, however, empowers the devotee to face the challenges he is to meet

Walking, as is proved by science, is beneficial for health
Also, being alone makes him realise inner self and forget his created wealth

When one walks in such a group, he learns many things on daily basis
Power of Supreme is experienced, Faith revoked that His creation of desert also has an oasis

The group size may be huge collectively but a person is alone throughout
whenever he walks, he normally gets grossly engaged in this personal thought

He meets friends, old and new, in between the walk or at pre-decided halts
He learns to lead life with necessities, accepting food with or without salts

When walking lengthy stretch of road, a person estimates the time and distance
but the unexpected turns, ups and downs in between, makes him worried and tense

The inner strength comes to the fore, the Almighty gives courage, lends a helping hand
the moving crowd raises the mental strength, the tired feet starts moving swiftly in the sand

The sight of destination to be reached provides immense satisfaction, even it its far away
The feeling of happiness erupts within in appraisal of achievement of the target for the day

Every short target achieved accumulates into achieving the larger vision
Minutes converts to hours, hours to day and 10 days together marks end of the season

Knowingly or unknowingly, one reaches the "Darbar" of SAI
Standing in front of the calm, integrated statue generates stream of tears from the eye

What all emotions erupt within cannot be described, how so ever one gives a try
The feeling is same as a child sharing everything to a calm listening "Aai"

The joy, the inner peace derived, makes one realise there is no existence of  'I'
Offering ourself at HIS Lotus feet is the only way to salvation  - OM SAI, OM SAI!!!

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  1. Jai Sai Ram.. Its quite a distance from Mumbai to Shirdi. I have seen group of people reaching Shirdi by barefoot from Mumbai and around Maharashtra villages. Whatever we do or whoever is coming with us , we have to do the journey alone... that is the time one realises the self. You have put it very nicely in this post. Thank you for sharing your experience.Om Sai Shirdi Sai.