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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wah re bhagwan!!!

I search you, call u daily, but never find you
Feeling disappointed, i search for ways new

But when i am in deep problem, which seems to remain forever
You come and solve as if nothing existed ever

I am sure my belief in you can never cease
With such timely interventions, the faith is sure to increase

Many argue about your existence, give rational argument, make us speechless
The biggest question though is we have very little to prove, for you are formless

The Proof of your existence is best felt at personal level at different phase 
For you are a friend, a philosopher, a guide,  play different role in different case

There are mixture in every living element of life, some believers others not
Only love can spread the fragrance of your being, rather than battles fought

My experiences says every atheist believes you more than the firm believers
The only difference is they wander around searching for the existence of yours

!!!Bappa morya - Om sai ram - Saranam ayyappa!!!

1 comment:

  1. vvv nice sir... superb...
    (ati romanchak)
    well talkng 2 him givs a great relief...
    jai sri krishna