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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Change - the most constant factor in this human life
Had change not occurred, our lives would not been so comfortable
Those who are unable to digest 'Change' create strife
Many argue that change should not be so fast but slow and stable

No argument actually passes the test of time successfully
Their argument is fake for they do not have the courage to face the change
The easiest option at such times is to take on the challenge tactfully
Initial disappointments are a reality but the important aspect is to manage

The world we survive today is a result of consistent change over period of time
All the technological benefits we enjoy today are fruits of research and development
Every field of human life is blessed with advanced features, providing a sense of sublime
Every natural thing is created artificially, so precisely and perfectly, without any argument

Changes to illustrate has affected our living in a large way
Education has changed, the way it is imparted to students by projectors and live example
Internet has brought about the entire world in a screen of 20 inches to learn and play
Telecommunication industry has a face lift - landlines to mobiles to networks, a great sample

Luxuries of life have increased along with expectation of people in this modern era
Medical field is the largest beneficiaries of technological advances
Doctors have become life saviours and therapist even show a person his 'aura'
Scientist explore life beyond earth, human survival at moon and mars show best chances

Every small ingredient of human life has experienced sea of change
The only option for survival for every living being is to accept this fact without complaining
Only few fields are referred in these verses, changes in other fields do have a large range
Changes in the past, changes in the present pave way for adventurous future life living.

Remember, Time Changes - Bad times will soon become brighten
                   Place Changes - Developments are bound to happen
                   Person Changes - Do not judge on the past records in future
                   Be flexible, Accept Change, Live a simple life being mature

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Value is a subjective issue, it depends on so many factors, some controlled some not
Out of sight - out of mind, a common concept on which 'value' of value is got

Observations conclude 'value' tends to be least for things received with minimum effort
Contrarily,the 'value' of things is greatest when time taken is maximum to gain control of the fort

An most important aspect is that 'value' is associated with person involved genuinely 
Also, Value is based on priorities, changing with changing times regularly

The value of a person increases as a result of the good deed
The help, the charity, he extends to the society selflessly at the time of need

The more he is involved in social commitment
The larger is his need in the society and thus increase in the giving sentiment

However, his family may not accept such a behaviour
Where majority time is spent for survival and leisure time on becoming social saviour

Balance is what is crucial at such times along with proper time management
Proper allocation of available resources will simplify the arrangement

'Love' is a pure feeling which can restrict the creeper of ego to develop
For those who are neglected while charity is on, they complain and even sob

Being Valued is a very complex feeling created within which is difficult to let go
And a very good friend, which nurtures another feeling - ego

Both generally travel hand in hand and seldom leave other's company
Similar to story of hen/egg as to which came first and have destroyed many

Experienced wizard say both are independent and survive separately
But practically once a person is 'valued', he develops ego automatically

So, if you are a valued person in the society, just be careful not to cross the line
Remember that Serving the society is your duty and rest will be fine

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The shame

Cricket in India is unofficially declared as our national game
Fans support the team unconditionally & bring lot of acclaim

A few names erupt from nowhere and reach the pinnacle of fame
Also, many are held in high esteem and become household name

Such players should know the secret of such respect, is none than the game
For Cricket is immortal and players are temporary carrier of this flame

The players should bear that playing fair game should be their only aim
For when greediness takes over mind, no one accept what they claim

A few players, out of sheer foolishness, make it lame
And offer opportunity to critics to fire from all sides for the same

Finally, their act of irresponsibility makes them accept the blame
Hurting the sentiments of a true follower and hang his head in shame

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Every living creature was born alone and leaves this world alone
Even the artificial creation is called as 'clone'

No matter how many relatives we are born with
All the friends you make during lifetime are yours, is just a myth

The final truth is simple, whatever crowd you relate to
one is always alone and has to slog oneself to achieve, so very true

Being alone creates both physical stress along with vacuum at mental level
The positivity within needs to be brought out and deal with loneliness, with marvel

Being alone is not a negative feeling by any stretch of imagination
The earlier acceptance of this fact helps better result anticipation 

All achievements in a group are the result of toil of the leader
The individual praise of the leader motivates him to work further

The advantage of 'being alone' also are many, best known to creator of art
The fact is the best of creativity is created in total silence and world apart

Even the 'truth' of one's existence, the fun of 'time' that makes one dance
The purpose of being a part of worldly affairs, is realised only in deep 'trance'

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My new friends @ NMU

We have begun writing a new chapter in books of our career
Ready to overcome and jump over all the barrier

This also made us members of our new team
Our association, no less than a sweet dream

Hope that this run continues in the same way
May God bless us with the degree and answer for what we pray

SSC, HSC, Graduation, Post-graduation, M.Phil, Professional degree -  all conquered
Doctorate - our ultimate goal, helps us move ahead without being bothered

This is my way of saying 'thank you' in a poem
Hoping that we all blend together as a team for time to come

Friday, May 3, 2013


Stones are found commonly everywhere
walking or running, seldom does one care

Many a times we hurt ourselves walking carelessly
The 'stone' is held culprit getting all the curses unnecessarily

Stones are found in different shapes or size, big or small
the only creation held responsible for every fall

An interesting fact though is stones are an integral layer of road
Laid down at three stages, it helps them become strong to bear the load

Some feel, stones are laid down in the road with specific intention
to reduce speed or hamper the smoothness or just create mental tension

This creates a mental block and unwarranted stress, along-with unpleasant ride
Accepting the simple fact that roads are from stones, helps overcome such a tide

These verses are framed for students appearing for various exams during the year
Stones are the problems in the road of success, the secret code here is "do not fear"

Stones are bound to be a part of your travel and the best part of its being there is
All stones overcome, becomes the highlight of success story, for anyone to miss