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Friday, May 15, 2015

Admiring Life

I sometimes wonder, what a beautiful creation is this human race
Looks identical externally yet everyone has a unique body and face
Every part is placed perfectly as is needed for us to survive till fate
One just needs to acknowledge the placement and appreciate

A Head, a Trunk, a Pair of Hands to work and legs to walk
In the face - Two Eyes, Ears, A Nose and a Mouth to talk
Hairs on the head with brain within, for it is very delicate
A heart which pumps out blood for all parts has least weight

Being similar yet every human are different on many grounds
The difference created makes every human take unwanted rounds
To illustrate a few, Hairs can be black or brown, Face – Round or Long,
Color – White,  Black or Weatish, providing  reasons to few idiots, for  not to get along

Having been granted such a beautiful life, our work is to work and admire
Appreciation is such a small word to be taught to anyone out there
Everyone must learn to stop causing pain to others by validating a reason
For that ALMIGHTY is just around us, observing closely in all the season

The message to be conveyed is that our lives can be affected by negativity around
 Just Pray well, play well and work well to keep us connected to HIM at ground
Life will be a beauty to admire HIS creations which is spread across at all places
And leading a life with positive energies, good thoughts and happy faces