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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Raja - the king

Dedicated to all Ganesh Mandals in Mumbai :-

In ancient times,  there was a king -Raja
who took care of his followers, the people - praja
but with changing times, the kings lost their property
and with them disappeared their dynasty

But HE cannot watch the restlessness of praja
and to bless the world today, we have 'Lalbaug cha Raja'
Alas, this time, in modern world...he did not find the common man as his follower
Instead the word 'Raja' followed him everywhere

Through this few phrases, i humbly request all the mandals,
our only purpose to keep Ganesha is to serve HIM in the pandals
The name 'Raja' should be spared only for the best
as we stand no where in HIS comparison in this test

Today every mandal have started using this word for illusion
Better we keep only one 'Raja' for visitors to reach Lalbaug without confusion
Let us surrender ourselves to the Almighty selflessly
and lead a devoted life by seeking his blessings continuously.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good and Evil Co-Exist

There is always light at the end of tunnel
There is always happiness after struggle
There is always a day after dark night
We find darkness just beneath light

Nothing is permanent in this nature
There is success, there is failure
There is optimism, so is pessimism
But with negative thoughts also resides positivism

In a remote, there is a stop, there is a pause and play
some watch the show live while others like replay
With time, has changed the pattern of television
This was possible only with a vision

Even a good mind has  an evil thought
For thinking, we have a brain and even a heart
However, the decisions that come out are vital
Where one is emotional, other is practical

The simple message in a gist,
Good and Evil always Co-exist