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Friday, November 30, 2012

Strange but true....

There are many things we see and want it without fail
knowing for sure that everything around is not for sale

An interesting fact though is we thrive for it till the end
and this is really a way one has to mend

Unfortunately, we still put it all the efforts to gain
not once but again and again

For some it is a positive way of achievement to boast
as it becomes a target of life to achieve at any cost

but thinking practically it only adds to the existing burden
leading us nowhere in this life but heaven

we get ourselves so involved in achieving that thing
that we forget that we are actually destroy our present being

Strange but true..........

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The only 'Human Tiger'

To describe any person is very difficult in few words
and more so, when He is a legend, an armor of swords

He was a person who could not ever be ignored
Being in his company seldom one was bored

Always linked with the grass root worker
Making them feel that he was their family member

He stood by a common man in every fight
raking up administrative issues, wrong or right

He lived upto the expectation of all
being a large-hearted figure standing tall

A political cartoonist, a warrior to the core
a fierce roaring tiger and people expecting more

The person settled who all his equations right at the end of the day
He is none other than our own revered - 'Bala Saheb Thackrey'

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vishusir's Mind: Good and Evil Co-Exist

When there is a night, it is followed by a day
negatives can becomes positives soon as many say

If there is black, there is white
Darkness is often vanished with small ray of light

Sadness or happiness follow each other in the game of dice
after every fight, both the parties agree for compromise 

A sportsman enjoys both stardom and a lean patch
He has to remember that a form remains remain only for a match

One person is neither good nor bad forever
it is the time which makes him behave in that manner

When leaves of a trees fades, new ones are also born
A Rose is always enjoyed by taking care of the thorn

This is the beauty of the nature's mist
That good and evil always co-exist