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Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday

The only day of life when a mother laughs and the child cries
The remaining days, its other way round, in-spite what anyone tries

A special day in the life of every person
when the world laughs with you without any tension

A day when the people close, arrange a 'surprise' party
A cake, few gifts and includes all people who are that worthy

Such a party is special for it is not in the plans of the person even faintly
the 'surprise' increases the face value of the person with a smile instantly

The people who put in efforts to make all such arrangement on birthday
exhibits the respect and love for the person, least to say

Blessed is such a person, who has such loving people around
For no amount can purchase pure emotions of love, faith, trust and bond

These verses on birthday are reflections of  my experiences I was showered with
By students and friends on 25/3/2013 which also cleared many of my myth

Saturday, March 23, 2013


The modern style of large people of society is to cheat
For only those proved to be wrong are considered culprit

In a democracy, every one has a right to defend himself
People of upper hierarchy, have others to shout on their behalf

So in a country like India, being poor is a curse
Being Rich can save you from all kinds of bruise

Simple living, High thinking was the rule of the past
High living standards with average thinking has won hearts aghast

Corrupt persons are allowed to contest and win elections easily
For the heinous crimes is not yet proved, a reason provided, obviously silly

Our democracy is a model for others to follow
Some aspects of our own system are difficult to swallow

The administrative system of the country must run on independent wheel
For Transfers and post retirement benefits make many honest people kneel

The Police and Judiciary must go hand in hand without becoming fragile
The culprit caught must be sentenced instantly giving a few fair trail

This poem is an emotional outburst on various issues built
Cheats of so many scams moving around freely without any guilt

An affluent filmstar promoted by elite class for being eligible to be pardoned
Many poor jailed for reasons unknown and  their cases totally ignored

Someone should stand and raise voice for such cases categorically
For 'Innocent should not be punished' is the theme of our Judiciary

Jai Hind!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A person who leads a nomadic life
prefers to live in solace without child and wife

A person who has no permanent place to live
who cares the least for self, is always ready to give

The guy is happy without any luxury
Who prefers to walk while travel without any hurry

He carries his world along which is minimal
includes all things required for survival

He can adjust himself to the extreme conditions
mourns less, understands more, accepts situations

He is a King in many regards, eats what he has in his dish
lives where he feels comfortable, dictates terms of life as per his wish

He may be happy for the outside world, ready for any get together
His insight within may reveal a different story altogether
The experiences he shares, one might feel he is a great story teller
Dear friends, never miss an opportunity to meet the WANDERER ever!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Reading Room

The concept of Reading Room is unique. It is very closely related to a Library, still it is different.

A Library is a place which displays collection of all varieties of books and allows its members (both life members and temporary members) to use it at a nominal fee. But, the important aspect to be noticed here is that all members who visit a library must have an inclination towards reading. Unfortunately, this fever of reading is dying slowly in this modern era. To invoke this reading habit, the library must have a Reading Room within its premises to add to the flavor.

A Library can be established in an area of 100 sq. ft with shelves for books and a place for one person to sit and manage the same. (I am not referring about the libraries in metropolitan cities but of rural areas). As a matter of fact, my personal observation led me to a conclusion that many registered libraries are being  inaugurated to obtain government grants. They are running with a handful of members in a very small premises and the existence of such a library is hardly known by the people of the same village. Harsh but true. 

Also, a library caters to the need of general reading, which is definitely good at mass level but it fails to deliver on academic front. An average student, who is not a ranker, a scholar finds that mere supply of books during exams days aren't enough (for his parents might have provided all the books in the world). Alas!!! it does not help him a great deal.

This concept of Academic Reading Room occurred to my mind during my college days. We, friends, used to look out for a place to study (especially during night time). This helps an average student immensely. If the group has even one studying student who knows the concepts well, he helps the entire group to perform better. And also, when one observes his friend is reading, he automatically puts his head down and turns a few pages, which he did not do ever before. The only negative aspect of group study was once a matter came for discussion which was out of academics, everyone would close their books and contribute wholeheartedly in the debate and studies would go out of the window for that day.

Fortunately, being a teacher, a few more finer points came to my observation that a reading room must have separate cabins for boys and girls, so that natural attraction is avoided. Supervisors need to be appointed to take care of unnecessary discussions. Proper timings should be allotted for studying. The only disadvantage of this project of Reading Room was it was not commercially viable. Hence, when this concept was explained to many business people (who could actually afford to do charity), rejected out-rightly.

But, as fate had already in store, I myself purchased a property ad-measuring 2000 sq.ft and inaugurated a Academic Reading Room in the heart of the city. We formed a charitable association, V.K.MEMORIAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION and under the name and banner of this association started this library and reading room on 1.1.2007. 

The land area was limited and the capacity of students to study was limited, so a concept was formulated whereby students were allotted slots of 4 hours in a day - (a) morning (7-11), (b) afternoon (12-4) and (c) evening (5-9) at an economical fee of Rs.50 per month. For students having higher inclination to study were provided 10 hour slots- (d) morning (9am to 7pm) and (e) night (9pm to 7am). The night batch was exclusive for boys and with prior permission of parents. The fee charged was Rs.100 per month. A supervisor to look after the students at night batch.

The concept was an instant hit among student fraternity and in the first three months, the registration soared to 200 numbers. Slowly and steadily, as the word of mouth spread, the registrations started flowing in steadily. Today the reading room boasts of having around 1000 students annually from all fields of life.

In the early days of reading room, it was occupied during exam days of September to March. But as students experienced knowledge gain, the reading room is occupied for all the 12 months now a days. A consistent time in their daily schedule made their learning experience an added advantage.

Initially, the reading room faced financial constraints at all grounds but with proper management now the reading room is self-sufficient and caters to the needs of students community at large.

The ICAI have joined hands with VKMWA and provide a separate reading room for CA students residing in nearby areas, free of cost. This facility is included in our reading room premises itself.

This concept of Reading Room should be spread allover in every district and taluka level, and serve the student community forever.

(This Library and Reading Room is in existence at Kalyan East, Thane District as V.K.Memorial Library and Reading Room @ Basement, Jai Shree Ram Bhuvan CHS Ltd, Near ZP School, Station Road, Kalyan E. The author is the Chairman of V.K.Memorial Welfare Association)

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Big Zero - Circle

A circle is an unusual diagram when observed closely
one cannot find the start or end after it is drawn fully

It is the diagram which reflects the reality like
bare hands is common to birth and death alike

All that was existing in yesteryear's may be out of fashion today
The same, however, becomes a trend  tomorrow, as one would say

Many activist are working hard to make common people realize
conserve nature else the next-gen will make a huge sacrifice

The man progressed to enjoy all luxuries of today endlessly
just because the nature supported him all around selflessly

Air, Water, Soil, Trees, Mountains, Energy or every minor component
Helped mankind sail through rough sea without major adjustment

Today Man may has discovered many artificial ways to lead life better
But all ideas learnt by observing nature, a fact true and bitter

Even the cost factor is an interesting aspect of study
All artificial things costs a bomb which nature provides freely

Human life is nothing less than a Big Zero
Learn Conservation to accomplish your task of being a Hero