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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


A word that can change the world of the person involved
Life becomes anti climax of an otherwise routine work going around

Every accident may not be intentional
But it is always the end result of a thought very irrational

Accidents occur almost every second as the world clock ticks
All related lives are affected as there is a shake in the family wall of bricks

The running of the ambulance on roads is a live example of the same
The culprit involved are moving around free without any shame

The impact of an accident is worser than a nightmare
The human system is affected badly in every aspect including body hardware

The broken bones may be rejoined but after involving a huge cost
this not only includes cost of medication but also involves the time lost

The family has to sacrifice a lot after every accident is a real fact
Everything has to be resorted, which has been scattered by a irrational act

Every moving ambulance makes ME aware of the silent prayers murmured
Let us all pledge to DRIVE SAFELY and perform our work being matured

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Women's Day

Its very interesting to observe the reaction of a man
When he knows there is a special day for 'woman'
The Ego within takes control & he immediately declares a ban
But the Wiser mind advises Him to take note of his action plan

He surely understands his plan has gone for a toss
For She is in many a ways become His Boss
If He dares ignore her, it will be his biggest loss
For the Sacrifices made by Her is for the family's cause

The Traditional man, was pampered for being a king always
Without the farthest knowledge of the role his better-half plays
She spent her life burning self, to strengthen the pots of clays
taking care of family and balancing her life in many a ways

Today, the tables have gone upside down, change is in the air
Women have understood, even the nature supports being fair
She knows most of the actions of the men are just a 'show of dare'
but finally, She is the Tortoise in the race between tortoise and the hare.

Happy Women's Day!!!!
Dedicated to all the women around, who have made my life beautiful in many a way!!!
My cuties Vaivi and Srivi - this is dedicated for you!!!
Have a great life ahead, God Bless you!!!