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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Olympic Dream

When i got up this morning, and switched on my television
i came across the news that gagan narang was india's new son
he had won bronze medal in 10m air rifle shooting
when the whole of india had abhinav bhindra cheering
i just thought for myself how much pressure is created
on the minds of those athletes who had participated
so much expectations, so much hype around a hero
and if he fails to perform, immediately make him a zero
when abhinav bhindra rose to fame
hardly anyone knew his name
earlier he had said that all preparations for his gold achievement
was made all by himself at his residence basement
no help from any government nor any charity work
the sole reason of his success was his commitment and hardwork
now the olympic dream of india rests on young shoulders of  saina
and she has proved her metal in the games played earlier against china
so many avenues but so less participation from indian members
and smaller nations of the world participates in  large numbers
i never understood the reason behind such a debacle at the game
and nor could any other average indian can find a reasons for the same
The events include a range of basic sports - cycling, swimming, walking,
and also some western self defence forms of  judo, karate, and fencing
again should be government be blamed for its poor sports policy matter
or as usual the politics in each federation pointing fingers at each other
is india destined to become world no.1 in terms of population
and other countries of the world dominate us in olympic destination
every indian must think positively towards developing a sportsman too
in their own homes and show the world what we can do
Not just that winning a olympic medal is your dream
but work hard and prove to all you are also born to win!!!!

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