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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Balancing life

This life is so complicated, so much to balance
Never do we understand what is more and what is less
Actually both situations are troublesome
Giving a hint of what is going to come
If one has less, there is a problem of scarcity
This person is always prepared to fight necessity
Sacrifice becomes the mantra of his life
and he passes this habit to his child and wife
The relationship among them has a big strain
where everyone fights to get his share of grain
It is very difficult to assess who is correct or wrong
Life for them is more of a sad song
But one thing is for sure they learn to live
contended with what they get and seldom they give
This is practically true without any mystery
but alas people fail to understand their misery
if this is one side of the coin, and man regrets
the other side is more dangerous with many secrets
The problem with more is the problem of surplus
this side has more plus and less minuses
a poor person thinks the grass on the other side is greener 
but the matter of  fact is that it is more darker 
all relationships here get strained because one has more than required
not more money, but, more cunningness, more greed
the person who has more money naturally nurtures ego and attitude
which makes him fall to ground from a high altitude
the people around him start criticizing him for all he does
and he is not in a position to understand all the fuss
his act may be selfless without any intentions, good or bad
but when his own people behave differently, it makes him more sad
then he starts thinking in a different way ignoring his close friend
and expects them to follow without questioning his mind
not only that the problem is faced by the rich
his family is equally controlled by this witch
the child is pampered right from when he was a child
he thinks that everything he wishes is normal even if it is wild
if the child is given all the things he demands for, without any control
the results will be there to the world  to be seen, a monster uncontrolled
if the child is restricted and taught about sacrifice
he feels like a cat keeping its nails on a mice
he develops a negative thought about anything told to him
minces no words to describe about what he thinks within
The solution to all the problems stated lies in the mind
balancing the thoughts, being humble and kind
If you are born poor, it is not your mistake
If you are born rich, everything is at stake
If you have everything,
spare a thought for those who have nothing
and if You have nothing
believe that you will earn everything
if you are not given a thing somehow
believe that time is not yet ripe to get it now
If you get what you have not expected
enjoy the bliss and thank god for being selected
The underlining word for problems of all kind
is two simple words - Balanced Mind!!!

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  1. yipee... this poem is selected and printed in a magzine.. Nitant :-)