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Thursday, July 26, 2012

My first poem - Nature

Nature was the word given to me
which got involved my mind like a honey bee
Being such a simple word, so many meanings one could get
i thought and even i could have a bet
but different as always, truth was what at a different level
no one could tell me the meaning which my mind could settle
i asked my mom, i asked my dad
so confused were they, this made me further sad
i could learn one simple lesson
defining simple things was a much bigger mission
so here are a few things that i myself tried
sitting beneath a tree whose leaves were dried
not that these leaves are useless
i jst felt that they are 'used - less'
Trees are always man's best friend
but today, man has many ways to mend
the thinking of masses must change
else the world would become a big drainage
the nature of Nature is to bring peace and happiness
but man is losing this beauty out of sheer laziness
Nature is scenic, nature is smart
spreading greenery in every part
Nature is in every color possible seen
it can be blue, black, white or green
what does a man derive by destroying the natural facts
he must give a thought for his cunning and selfish acts
nature is me, nature is you
lets join hands to make this world new....



  1. You have defined simple thing (Nature) in a great way.

  2. nature......yes.........a thought provoking fact........

  3. I would say WOW !!! best part of your writing is the lucid language !! which sets it apart !!