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Friday, August 24, 2012


There is a Rule, there is an Exception
No one can ignore this world wide perception

The existence of exception is important
because it is useful to prove a rule, past and present

All great scientist use this theory of exception
to prove to this world their work of innovation

Often this word 'except' is confused with 'expect'
but actually there lies a world between the two subject

In an invoice, we have E & O E printed
which means Errors and Omissions Excepted
If one reads it 'Errors & Omissions Expected'
then the existence of that invoice is violated

Exception is also used to describe a person or a thing
which is better than the best in the lot to cling

The theme of this poem is as per expectation
and E-Series is launched without an Exception!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The E-Series

The moment when you read this title
what comes to your mind is a brand name well settled

But this theme was suggested by my good friend
who is interested in writings of mine and external trend
i was surprised to note that many words started with alphabet 'E'
and here is a list of what we are going to see

Entry, Exit, Expectation, , Entertainment
Existence, Education, Enjoyment
Efforts, Errors, Establishment
EMI, Economics, Efficiency, Engagement

Wow!!! So many meaningful words
plugged in together like a shield with two swords
The question that kept arising in my mind throughout
was how to arrange so many things in few lines thought

Next came an idea was to compose separate poem for each
and give it a name E-Series for people to reach
But before any of the individual compositions begun
This is an introduction for poems to welcome and have fun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Change is the most constant aspect
one should follow this rule to gain respect

Change occurs far off as well as near
and a person has lots of pain to bear
as the person changes who is so dear
may even bring his eyes to tear
for one should make his priorities clear

Priorities changes with times that change
one's habit, choices changes including the price range
one who does not accept this feels it strange
and he has to learn to list his priorities to manage
else this may bring about his mind and health to damage

What was more important in the past
may not be relevant today aghast
The wishlist of every person is vast
and prioritizing the order from first to last
is the biggest challenge in this life, which is moving very fast

A man breaks down instantly
and starts behaving insanely
when His Near and Dear ones replace Him
just like a mobile phone or a new sim

Priroritize things not people!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Impermanence just says 'Nothing is permanent'
The simple truth of life ignored by majority of a cent

There is nothing which can be permanent forever
Exception to this rule is 'Nature' which is always a Giver

There is no human who is a success or failure always
the tide of time turns upside down as game of  maze

The examples of instant success and disappearance are so many, 
so is the case of a successful venture gone dismay instantly

The winning of Congress in Centre in 2004 was unexpected
The Rise of Republic of China in Olympic games though perfected

The winning of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal 
The qualification in the Football World Cup by Senegal

The failure of Indian Hockey in Olympics 
are illustrations of the see-saw of this flick

So the fact to be accepted is simple
things perish but not the relationship of a pal

Cultivate people in your hay days unegoistically 
who help you survive the hammer of adversity

Dear all, follow the simple rule of living this life-cart
Never take success to your head and Failure to your heart

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A poet and a poem

Writing a poem is an art
Enjoyed by all those who feel its integral part
Every topic reflects the poet's thoughts
Every word of the poem is what has been taught
to the poet either in the present or in distant past
from a teacher or by his experience which can be vast

Even a poem is incomplete in many a ways
The arrangement of words shows what a poet says
the knowledge of poet can be partial or reflect his need
he describes the theme in what he has got to read
some other times he may describes from what he has heard
sometimes he has no opinions and simply follows the herd

Timing of writing a poem has also a deep impact on the writing pad
being happy brings out cheerfulness else words are gloomy when he is sad
The theme of a poem can be quite different for people of various batch
the thinking of the poet and understanding of the reader may not match
Its like an elephant being defined by Six Blind People, who imagine the big animal,
from the part which they got hold of, without knowing the huge frame of mammal

The writings of an Experienced writer has different feel
While an amateur just pens down whatever he feels
The experienced writer has a burden of expectation to satisfy
who follow him unconditionally over the years to justify
Amateur is free to write down anything and everything
but will have to stand the test of time to prove his thinking

Ultimately, every living thing perishes one day or other
a writer continues to live through his writings forever.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friend ship

A friend in need is a friend indeed
just like a tree grows out of small seed
no one is big, none is small
no one is short, none is tall
no friend is rich, none is poor
every friend is really dear
no expectations, no compulsion
this relation is without any tension
having a good friend besides till death
is the result of your good work at length.
Happy friendship day to all
enjoy at home or goin to the mall :-)

Being in Love

Every feeling of a person can be felt on the face
when life shows him different shades
it can be of being shy, happy or very joyous
but being in love is the most special of all cases
a person who is in love can be singled out, even when he walks in a crowd
he is in his own planet who smiles sheepingly, without being bothered
He hardly recognises a person in the crowd -  be it relative or friends
who later enquire as to justifications of the actions of face and hands
This idiot again gets caught and has to pay a heavy price
because he tries to avoid the enquiries and moves to some other place
The seeds of doubts get sown in the mind by his mannerism
and further gets confirmed by his sheer ignorance and euphorism
When the world is busy pointing fingers at him for doing wrong
He himself feels that others words are tune of a wonderful song
By objecting to his being in love and making him a joke
Hardly does he understand that every person who has made a poke
is a rich garden of experience in this game
and every such person does not want in the history a new name!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Being Mobile

Today is the world of Being Mobile!!! Everybody from a school going child to old age grandpa use mobile.
But is this modern gift of science worth using it??? Even after understanding the ill-effects of radiation, no one is really bothered....

On a more serious note, what is the use of a mobile for a school going child? Parents defend by saying it helps to track down their position but then 'do children reply honestly' and many would agree that the answer is negative.

The next most dangerous trend which is catching up is to impress others... if 'A' brings mobile of Rs.10,000 then 'B' must afford atleast a model costing Rs.15,000 to maintain status. We have never grown from being monkeys (at least while imitating)...

Further, with a latest handset in the pocket, students who already have poor concentration for lectures, get further distracted and keep checking if there are any updates in their facebook account or for that matter any social networking sites...(checking for messages recevied and missed call is a fashion of the past).

Who is to be blamed for all this mess, Parent or Student?

Now, let us take another instance, When an old age person goes to a place of worship, his intention is to surrender himself to God But Alas! when he is in his deepest thoughts and feeling very near to God, he starts vibrating (all temples request devotees to switch their handsets to vibrating or silent mode) and now God gets a back seat and this mobile a prirority...

No matter that everyone and everyday is something new in the world of technology... it really needs to b seen whether this invention is for betterment or man is taking one step backward in life.

Mobiles are best utility for business people and careful use of this technology can be derived if put to use properly.

Young Brigade..... Live life rather just Being Mobile.

Be Traditionally Modern!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


A pack of cards had fifty two cards of different case
Four kings, queens, jacks & tens to ace
Four different varieties based on two colours
black cards are spade and flowers
red cards are diamonds and heart
everyone try their luck believing their fate
these cards are used to play many a game
rammie, flash, teen patti are few to name
a game of rammie has players of any number
where thirteen cards are given to each member
the first player draws one card from the pack 
the next palyer distributes cards to others back to back
this card drawn by the first player is the joker
which changes from game to game like that of a poker
this joker is so important that every player prays
to get that card in that game he plays
a joker who is till the game continues, is a hero
in the next game, has value not more than a zero
a joker remains a joker with a smile
useful only till the time it is worthwhile
the person who has lots of jokers does not like it
and the other who does not have even one, is crazy for it
every card he draws from the lot,
he wishes that a joker is what he has got
A joker can replace any card in the pack for a game
but the power of such a useful card vanishes as the name
In our actual life, everyone wants to be a king
as it has the highest value to sing
but this life would have been much better
in other's life, if you are ready to be a joker.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Horizon

The place where sky meets the earth
seeks no reservations for a berth
the place which can be seen from a far off as light
has nothing as such when u reach the actual site
you understand one theory of life which is often told
"all that glitters is not gold"
we feel the grass is always greener on the other side
come to actual terms and you realise its the same your beside
the positive aspect of trying to reach the horizon
is the motivation it builds to run towards the desitnation
we must understand that success is a journey of life which goes on
its not a destination for which you are actually born
once you reach the target, you set higher goals
and again get bogged down with a new set role
this journey continues as the clock ticks
everyday, every night without holding back any sticks
you get merrier by the achievement you made
but again it makes you realise your responsibility by your higher grade
so what, where and why are you running for?
was this target never achieved before?
Are you the pioneer to set this path new?
the answers to the above questions are negative
looking at the other aspect, be contended with what you have got
this success you reached is to be celebrated before it gets rot
another principle in life says,
slow and steady wins the race
so walk rather than run
and see life is more of fun
be a support for friends and stand for others tall
do not even attempt for others downfall
keep your heads high and broad chest
you will soon get your share of golden harvest
because there is some super power above all
who keeps account of good and bad of one and all
He is the supreme and creator of this nature