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Friday, November 16, 2012

Vishusir's Mind: Good and Evil Co-Exist

When there is a night, it is followed by a day
negatives can becomes positives soon as many say

If there is black, there is white
Darkness is often vanished with small ray of light

Sadness or happiness follow each other in the game of dice
after every fight, both the parties agree for compromise 

A sportsman enjoys both stardom and a lean patch
He has to remember that a form remains remain only for a match

One person is neither good nor bad forever
it is the time which makes him behave in that manner

When leaves of a trees fades, new ones are also born
A Rose is always enjoyed by taking care of the thorn

This is the beauty of the nature's mist
That good and evil always co-exist

1 comment:

  1. That is why it is always said :-

    Past brings tears, future brings fears
    It's better to enjoy present which always brings cheers

    Dont be so weak that you become victim of circumstance
    Be brave like a soldier who's always a master of circumstance. :)