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Monday, December 31, 2012

A teacher

Learning is continuous process, a life turner
Till the end of life, every person is a learner

What to learn, Where to Learn, How much to learn, from whom to learn
Depends on the thirst you have, and what the teacher provides in return

We can learn from small small incidents we meet everyday
Our mistakes, our experiences teach us in many a way

One feels its the teacher who teaches a student a lesson
on the contrary, its the teacher who learns by observation

The mistakes of students, the doubts he raises in the classroom
improves the knowledge of teacher and helps him to groom

A teacher becomes better by the rich experience gained
a student is happy too as gets a teacher who is better trained

No teacher can boast to be a master of the subject 
for the audience changes and so does the teaching aspect

A teacher gains respect from the entire society
For he guides the career of many in the city

Life of a true teacher is like a candle, burning self and giving light
Caring for students, guiding through their individual plight

My advise, become a teacher, only if teaching is your passion
For the positive aspect is a teacher will never be out of fashion

Friday, December 28, 2012


A game that needs no introduction, to say the least
every Indian enjoys this nothing less than a feast

The game is simple, a batsman scores runs during his tenure of stay
the purpose of bowler is to limit the score by taking his wicket in any way

To make it more interesting, a bowler has support in the ground for fielding
placed all over, who not only stop the flow of runs but also do catching and diving

Its a fascinating contest between one v/s eleven
the players confidence and his mental strength gets even

The entire atmosphere is made electrifying by the audience supporting 'their team'
cheering and shouting slogans, to motivate them to win

This game has taken many people(player) to the pinnacle of success
with the rub of the green in his favour, a player performs superbly even under stress

'Never take success to the head and failure to the heart'
Also, 'Practice makes man perfect' is well propagated through this art

Winning, Loosing, Hope, Tackling pressure, Fame
Belief in God, Prayers, all go hand in hand with few acts of Shame

The game in itself, is a dictionary of practical lessons of life, and teaches a lot
Learning being subjective, more the efforts, better the results without a doubt

Monday, December 24, 2012


Emotions in persons are very different, very odd
Devotion is a character blessed only by God

The character who has reached heights of fame  - Hanuman
is being worshiped today for being staunch devotee of Lord Ram

Sant Kabir spoke to people through his 'dohe'
Sudama gained prosperity in life by sharing with Lord Krishna some 'pohe'

Dyaneshwar, Tukaram, Ramdas -were a few blessed soul
preaching their 'enlightenment' through 'abhangs' being their goal

So many saints, few known and many unknown, though mortal
sang praises of the God merrily and became immortal

Being a devotee is not at all easy
for he has to obey Master's command selflessly

If selfless surrender is difficult, to put one's ego at other's feet is daunting
The criticisms from every corner of society will be always mounting

A true devotee can gain control of all such mental block
For he enjoys the company of his Master at every tick of clock

Once the mind is ready, the hindrances are few
the devotee explores avenues of life, for him which is new

The fruits of devotion quenches the thirst of satisfaction
Puts into back seat - greed, anger, fear and other emotion

The beauty of this relation can be felt as the two live in worlds apart
Still both live together and meet only after the soul departs

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A journey called Life

We start this journey with or without any previlage
Likewise it ends without our knowledge

What happens in between is the tale quite different
Every one is in a race to nibble his share of bread and hutment

If everyone is allowed to share his experience as a game
It would be very interesting as no two stories would be same

No doubt, the childhood days are the best
no tensions, no responsibilities, just play and take rest

Playing being a child, teaches many a lesson
He learns winning and losing happens in a session

The funny part is every child wants to grow up fast
Being old, he thinks why did the child within did not last

The adolescence is the most difficult phase
when he is neither small nor mature to handle his case

No sooner he enters the age of marriage
His eyes and mind searches for a partner besides a good package

He feels his life being settled, with wife and children
Praying for success of cubs in 'Jungle' when they get out of the den

The end of the life of every person cannot be predicted
Some happy, some sad but one things's for sure, every soul gets evicted

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Flex banners

The word 'banner' has spread amongst all like a viral flu
Many takers surfacing 'out of the blue'

People from different walks of life use this source
To scream about their deeds without remorse
Remorse for advertising illegally
Leave alone the concern morally

Even the 'paid' banners are not spared
The 'Rulers' put up their banners over it, without being cared
It is such a hypocracy that No one wants to pay
But want to have their share of say

Used mostly to tell when did one bless this world
Wishes by followers in new designs and some unconventional word
The other extreme end is neither spared, in a sense
Everyone join hands to offer their condolence

All the functions in between, are displayed irrespective of any age
A first birthday, marriage or achievement of any personal mileage

The biggest headache, no doubt, comes during election
Wherein every candidate have list of deeds to mention
Wishes during festive season related to any caste or creed
Reflects not only their minds but also their greed

The sheets used are non-biodegradeable with harmful ink
Is destroying our nature and making our lives sink

Print banners with sense only when required
Save nature, human race from being buried

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rezang La....

The day 12.12.12 was special for many people in different ways.

Many were happy to have survived to this date and felt blessing for being able to enjoy to see this day and had plenty of posts in facebook and other social sites.

Some were more precise and posted exactly at 12:12pm on dis date....Wow!!!
Some people had  their birthdays on this special date...

Further few people recognised that we were a generation who are lucky to see the dates from 1.1.1 to 12.12.12 which may come back after a thousand years only..  What an observation, Hats off!!!

But a single saying, overcomes all the euphoria exhibited above - "Even this time will pass away".

So what made this day special???

The CNN-IBN had telecasted an award function - 'Indian of the Year' at around 10.00pm. Congratulations to all the deserving winners of the award.

Mr.Vishwanathan Anand, was conferred upon the title, which was heartening because of many firsts he had achieved. He was the first person from the sports category to be conferred upon this award. An unique achievement for him at personal level.

There were many stalwarts of different walks of life, who were nominees and further, the best among them, who were awardee at the function.

A worthful watch... But the moment of the day, came for me personally, when Life Time Achievement were conferred upon - 'The War Hero's of 1962  - Indian Sino War'.

It was heart-touching to see the war heros of 1962. They were emotional but being warriors they spoke out their heart out.

This company was led by Major Shaitan Singh, who was conferred upon Param Vir Chakra for his actions. Rezang La was the last point where chinese invaded with a army of more than 1600 soldiers against 123 indians...

Of the 123 Indians, 114 gained matrydom.....6 of them had attended yesterday's function.

One of the soldiers was the Radio operator of Major Shaitan Singh... who really spoke their existing problems.

He highlighted the fact that today the family members of Kargil War were compensated adequately but the Widows and children of the 1962 war were ignored to a large extent.

No adequate compensation package was announced to them. The children of the freedom fighters were still struggling to lead a normal life.

He also brought into notice of the crowd that if chinese had not been stopped at that time, to day the map of india would have been different... we would have lost Leh, Ladakh and nearby areas. These words brought the entire audience to tears.

My only appeal to all - Is this the way we treat our warriors?

Me and you are busy in our lives that we seldom have time to think for others.
But the soldiers on the border live and die just for us
When they do so much everytime...Why do we not rise and pitch our voice in times of their need??

The Government of India is ignorant, what we can do at our level is to awake the government and atleast make them announce adequate compensation for the family members of matrys.
(This has no reference to any political party)

If words and writings have some impact and if social networking sites are power tools to ignite passion of masses, let us get together and raise our voice.....

Dedicated to the warriors # REZANG LA

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The day when i started writing a few lines called poetry
one of the wish i had was to describe this intangible factory

But what was required to write was less imagination
more of experience and importantly lot of devotion

GOD can be different for every person in ways as many
But he describes HIM the best who could enjoy HIS company

The first touch of GOD in a human life could be
either through sacred books or word of mouth of a devotee

In the beginning everyone thinks some else
God is only a 'feel of good' - nothing more, nothing less

The 'rationals' argue that is HE is nowhere
but sincere devotion makes HIM felt everywhere

Having faith in HIM and sharing one's success is way of living
Having blind-faith gives chance to few to say adverse about believing

GOD is an acronym for Generator, Orderliness and Destroyer
You can always be with HIM by chanting daily lines of Prayer.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missing Deva aka Mehta sir.... :-(

'We are born alone, we leave this world alone'...says a common saying.

But when we think back, this is not actually true.... we are born with lots of relations.. blood relations, a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a grandfather, a grandmother, many uncles, many aunts, and so many other relations which one may not even know and may have not even seen through his life time but are relatives and the fact is that we really do not have a choice as to choosing any of this relations. We have to accept them as they are, without raising any voice, even though they are good or bad, from any view point but the golden lining is after birth we have a right to choose one companion, one person whom we call our own, 'a friend'.

A friend is generally a idiot, the person whom we think we should avoid the most but end up telling the most important and heart kept secrets easily. Those secrets which we either fear or feel ashamed of talking with anyone else in this world.

The most wonderful moments of life are spent with this person around. He provides you a moral support for every act of yours and generally he is a multi-role player in anybody's life. Suddenly, he acts as a brother, sometimes he becomes your father and gives you valuable suggestions as if he is a very senior person, a teacher sometimes, a peer and he is the one who instigates us to do what the world will tell you is wrong. We actually believe in him more than ourselves and his permission to do a particular act do not stop us from doing anything under this sun.

As a coin has two sides, even this relation has certain downs. In fact, we fight, argue with this person for most negligible things outsider but then calm down instantly and patch up. If an argument is prolonged for a longer period, and patch up happens after that period, the gelling among both the people is worth having a look. They behave as if they were never separated before.

When we look at the word carefully...'FRIEND' gives a hope that this idiot will be there till the END.

So dear friends, never leave an opportunity to say 'Sorry' to a friend and patch up, because if time wins and he passes away, you will be left alone thinking.....

Missing you, dear friend.. Deva (aka Mehta sir)...RIP.....
Sarvam Krishnar Pranamastu
Narayana.... Narayana..... Narayana..... Narayana.... Narayana.... Naryana..... Narayana........ Narayana.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Artist

The person who works on an art
either in full or in part

whether average or very smart
 hitting the outskirts or bulls-eye in a dart

keeping all his emotions in the inner rings
without letting the people know many things

ready to display his creations at all times
being happy or sad rarely affects his frames

but the creation does reflect his mind
because the flow of air is always with wind

The limit of this community is not the people who display their masterpiece
but every individual who works for stability and peace

An actor, a singer, a dramatist, a cinematographer
a poet, a writer, a painter, a story teller,

a chartered, a lawyer, a secretary, a teacher
a priest, a doctor, a preacher

a pilot, a driver, a sailor
a plumber, an electrician, a hair dresser, a tailor

whatever u do for your survival in practice
you are an artist in this game of cat and mice

through these few words, a tribute by this host
to this community of creativity called 'artist'