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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missing Deva aka Mehta sir.... :-(

'We are born alone, we leave this world alone'...says a common saying.

But when we think back, this is not actually true.... we are born with lots of relations.. blood relations, a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a grandfather, a grandmother, many uncles, many aunts, and so many other relations which one may not even know and may have not even seen through his life time but are relatives and the fact is that we really do not have a choice as to choosing any of this relations. We have to accept them as they are, without raising any voice, even though they are good or bad, from any view point but the golden lining is after birth we have a right to choose one companion, one person whom we call our own, 'a friend'.

A friend is generally a idiot, the person whom we think we should avoid the most but end up telling the most important and heart kept secrets easily. Those secrets which we either fear or feel ashamed of talking with anyone else in this world.

The most wonderful moments of life are spent with this person around. He provides you a moral support for every act of yours and generally he is a multi-role player in anybody's life. Suddenly, he acts as a brother, sometimes he becomes your father and gives you valuable suggestions as if he is a very senior person, a teacher sometimes, a peer and he is the one who instigates us to do what the world will tell you is wrong. We actually believe in him more than ourselves and his permission to do a particular act do not stop us from doing anything under this sun.

As a coin has two sides, even this relation has certain downs. In fact, we fight, argue with this person for most negligible things outsider but then calm down instantly and patch up. If an argument is prolonged for a longer period, and patch up happens after that period, the gelling among both the people is worth having a look. They behave as if they were never separated before.

When we look at the word carefully...'FRIEND' gives a hope that this idiot will be there till the END.

So dear friends, never leave an opportunity to say 'Sorry' to a friend and patch up, because if time wins and he passes away, you will be left alone thinking.....

Missing you, dear friend.. Deva (aka Mehta sir)...RIP.....
Sarvam Krishnar Pranamastu
Narayana.... Narayana..... Narayana..... Narayana.... Narayana.... Naryana..... Narayana........ Narayana.

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  1. hmmm..its truee.... Frnds r the one wth whom v share eveything...
    I have not seen Mehta Sir before..but have heard abt him & abt ur friendship too....