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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The 'Dabba'

Ms. Suzy, knocked the officedoor of MD of Anand 'O' Anand Ltd just when he was having his lunch.

(Mr. Anand was health consious and followed a  strict diet regime. He followed a healthy schedule everyday. Starting his day with a morning walk followed by regular exercise, having healthy breakfast and proper intake of juices with good food throughout the day. Generally, no one dared to enter the cabin during lunch break and interrupt Mr.Anand.)

He was a foodie, everyone knew. When Suzy slightly opened the door, she was surprised the food was on the table and there were drops of tear in the eyes of Mr.Anand....

When Suzy asked the reason, he narrated...........

When I was a very small... somewhere in I/II standard, I remember I had a high degree of possessiveness for my dabba. Whatever was mine, I never liked to share with anyone. We used to love the biscuits,  pastries and chocolates send in by parents (in fact we were taught to be selfish for our dabba).

When we grew bigger, somewhat in V/VI, our degree of friendship increased and we enjoyed each other's company. In those days, there used to be a big group. Everyone used to open up their respective 'dabba' and share its content. The big group had many small groups of 2-3 people but everyone enjoyed everyone's company. The best of the school days. This trend continued for another two years.

Just when I reached IX standard, the monkey within us started to wag its tail. Now the big group had vanished almost. There were few bullies in the class and few helpless sheeps. The groups were distinct, The Scholars Group (where you needed to score a rank to be qualified in the group), The Back Benchers Group (where you needed to be a mischievious kind of person ready to be kneeling down in the verandha of classroom and The General Groups (not belonging to either of the above groups).

I belonged to the famous BB Group. Our day would start with punishment and end on a similar note. The intervals would now be used for only one task i.e. playing. New game every day was the order of the day. Then the 'dabba' time had changed. Now it used to be during the lectures. It was fun. To eat without being caught. Very risky but everyone among us enjoyed this task. The modus operandi was simple enough. Keep the dabba open in the desk (you never know, when will you get a chance)....put your head down and slowly put one piece inside the mouth, munch it very slowly without being caught in the glance of teacher.

The most crucial moment would be when teacher is asking question in the classroom, and unexpectedly your name is announced and you have just put in the piece of chapati in your mouth... Ooo la la.... You take all the time in the world, stand up very slowly... try to wash down everything you have in your mouth with water from the water bottle.... this is crucial because if you are caught, everyone is at risk. And if caught, even if the teacher pardons you, rest assured, you will be thrown out of the group and the mouth lashing you are expected to get is huge. But the fun is worth being a part of the BB group.

Now, after so many years, I am alone in my cabin having my food, without anyone's company but remembering those wonderful days......Wow!!! Nostalgic!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

The monkey and the cap story

I am sure the above three photos must have brought back your childhood memories back in a flash. 

The story continues........

After collecting the caps, the cap seller moved and as one says narrated his story (read experience) to his son, that very night and everyone in the family had a hearty laugh.

Now, after few days the son took on the responsibility of handling the business. He was passing through a similar jungle and as warned by his father, he decided not to rest in between. So, at the outskirts of the jungle, he sat beneath a tree, had his lunch and decided to have a nap.

Just when his eyes regained consciousness  he could not believe what his eyes were seeing. The same story being repeated. All the monkeys had taken his entire booty and were merrily enjoying. Now, the son was not  worried for he knew the trick to get back his entire lot.

He immediately threw the only cap on his head and was anxiously waiting for the response from above. 

Just then, a small monkey came running, picked up the cap and climbed the tree, saying loudly, "We too have father"

Moral of the story :
In Management, communication moves swiftly. Hence you need to update yourself regularly else you will find yourself out of the market earlier than you expected.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A rain drop....

Its me... a Rain drop....
The time our journey started from within the cloud
We were destined to travel in a crowd

Every other droplet was a friend, no one a foe
Had this simple thought, where are we supposed to go

Travelling from such a height made us scare
But everyone of us was enjoying the travel in the air

One spoke, I should fall in a farming land
Help the farmer to enrich his share of sand

Other said, I would be happy to nurture a tree
which helps the human race to survive without a fee

Next came the voice, I would be happy to serve anywhere
we may not get all that we wish for here or there

This was very true, as majority of us would be of no usuage
Drained down along with mud deep into the sea or even a drainage

The lucky few among us would land safe without any hurl
the luckiest one who falls in a shell and  become a pearl

We all are the same in all aspect
Our value depends on the company we get

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time.... Pleaseeeee.......

We friends, who were bitten by the social service bug, decided to visit an old age home this sunday. Being the first time for me, all different thoughts surrounded my head and naturally made me restless yesterday. Could not sleep properly due to anxiety. (as happens for all first-timers!!!)

Naturally, I was the first to reach the meeting point too in the morning. Once we reached 'Maitri Old Age Home', the first hour passed away like a minute with the trustees of the old age calling upon all the house-mates for breakfast. We voluntarily served the breakfast to all and even cleaned up the vessels as a good gesture.

Next everyone there assembled in the ground as they all knew they had visitors. The Old age Home provided shelter to around 70 people. We had practiced few songs, dances and one of us had even practiced mimicry of few Bollywood artists. Though none of us were perfect, our imperfection made them go head over heels. We were all happy to see them laugh their hearts out.

After the program (if it can be called so), we distributed clothes and sweets that we had brought for them with contributions from various noble busy souls of the city. Everyone was thankful for whatever they had got. We could understand that it was the time we had taken out for them that made them happy than the material gifts we had carried along. As time passed, it was noon - their lunch time. We one-day volunteers again volunteered to serve the lunch and clean the premises.

In the afternoon, we all scattered ourselves among the oldies to give them a ear to listen to their experiences. All my friends had warned me against deep emotional talks with any individual member as I may not be able to sustain the same. They clearly warned me to just ask for their daily needs and move on to the other.  They all had been their before too and knew the consequences.

But as one says, one need to experience few things self than listen to others advice.

I met Mrs. Tulsi, a 60 plus lady, a retired teacher. After preliminary introduction, I sat besides her. (Actually my friends has warned me against this and especially this old woman).

She first investigated about me and my family and gave some tips for my daughters, as to how to take care of them. Then started narration of a volley of incidents wherein I was just a mute spectator.

She first told me about an incident few years ago, where in she was told to get down out a train for carrying a unconfirmed ticket in III A/c compartment. How she bravely fought with the ticket-collector and even offered him a handsome bribe. But since, it was peak season, no berth was available and the TC had to compel her to get out. She gave the TC a good lashing of mouth before actually getting down. She told me that she was travelling to her native place for the 'Jatra' but since confirmed tickets were not available, she had no other option. But then she traveled the rest of the journey in an unreserved compartment. During this disclosure, she felt happy for the mischief played by her and her face glowed up and also she had a hearty laugh.

Without intervention, she continued, that she took so much of pains for her grand-daughter, who was actually  turning three very soon and could not speak properly or even walk. And after returning from the pilgrimage, the child actually started telling some basic words like 'Aai' and even started to walk with help of support. The divine intervention helped her grand daughter to a great extent. Suddenly, her face lost the charm, as she was unhappy that her only son (whose daughter story was narrated above) could not give enough time to her because of hectic work schedule (Lame Excuses, as always) and would visit her once in a month with the child for not more than 3-4 hours and tears started flowing!!!

Before I could actually console her, she wiped off her tears and her eyes glowed, she started telling me about  her daughter's son, who had now joined college and was more interested in sports than studies. How he travels by his cycle everyday to his college, plays football and hurts himself everyday and narrated me the story of how he had fractured his hands two months ago.... then, she explained me that her daughter was more than happy to keep her with herself but she did not intend to go to her place. How her daughter traveled to her job at 8.30am and that her office timings were now extended by 1 hour and that she now started in the morning at 7.30 am.

Mrs. Tulsi, now started cursing her daughter's bosses for not understanding the plight of a working woman, how she had to wake up at 4.30 am, do all the household chores, prepare food for the child, have breakfast and leave the house so early.. and further, due to financial crisis, the company had not paid them salary for the past few months... she started worrying... what is the use of doing MBA.. and joining a corporate and facing such problems in life....

As if things were not over, her curses continued for the builder who had taken over their residential house of over 600 sq.ft promising a much larger flat in a 20-storeyed building to be built in the same premises. Their house was actually taken over redevelopment for the past three years and due to some legal issues between the builder and society trustees, the deal had landed into a mess and that her daughter had now to survive in a rented house nearby.

She spoke about inflation, education, sports, social issues, and so many topics in one go... I was just nodding my head in affirmation (as I had no other option) and my friends were at the other end laughing out  loudly at my plight.... I tried my level best to stop the old lady but she gave me no chance to leave... Now one of my friends called my name loudly and I ran away from there asking excuse from her..... I knew for sure her stories were still unfinished.

When I came out, I had a severe headache, and I asked for one cup of tea to come out the trauma....
Just while sipping, a thought flashed my mind... What wrong did the old lady do? She had narrated all facts of her life only and what was expected out from us was just lending an ear, even which was also painful for us.... We had come for social service, our programs, our gifts were not that important as was to give time to such oldies but this was the true social service....

Any one out there.... do you have some time... please???

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Final lecture (2012- 2013)

A teacher is one blessed soul who goes through all emotions in one academic year.

Throughout the year, he always enjoys the tag of being 'Hitler' (one needs to be strict enough for the students to pay attention in the classroom). So Being Angry Young man is shadow of the personality of a teacher.

Some days of the year, he shows the brighter side of his life, wherein he laughs or passes on jokes in the classroom, cheers up the entire students while teaching which makes the lecture more entertaining.

During examination days, he plays the role of a motivator to the core. As the connectivity with students increases, the more examples are in stock in the minds of a teacher, which when shared at right moment, helps students to overcome the tide of anxiety especially those related to appearing exams. In the modern world, with more and more youngsters taking up the challenge of being a teacher, their role in a student's life has grossly increased  as students can easily put up their problems to their immediate teachers.

In case of any unfortunate incident happening in the life of a student, a teacher plays the role of a affectionate guardian and helps the student come out of the trauma in the best possible manner. The emotional maturity of a teacher comes to the fore at such times.

During special days like Teacher's day, Cultural program day, he laughs out his heart in the company of students and also participates in other fun activities of dancing, singing (as per his choice) along with children. This actually help a teacher never grow old in mind (not physically though)....

Though the life of a teacher is very inspiring, very satisfactory, very remunerative, very respectful,  the only negative side of the coin is being a teacher the character demands maximum worth and to keep that clean demands lot of sacrifices, specially at personal level. Also, the emotional trauma to be faced by a teacher are indefinite.

At the end of every academic year, when the students of graduation bid-adieu, the moment is very touchy.... the mouth goes dry, it gets chocked with emotions and tears start oozing,  those people who were a part of daily life, suddenly will not be seen for time to come ..... very difficult moment to digest. The very same feeling where a father bids adieu to his daughter on her marriage.

Difficult to digest but have been doing for the 19th year....... Only HE knows how many more???
Thinking of all my ex-students at this moment....Today was the final lecture of this academic year....2012-13. God Bless You all with his Choicest Blessings now and forever....................................................

Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching a rick....

Today morning it so happened that I went to attend d marriage of a distant cousin accompanied by daughter and parents.
Specially mentioning marriage because a young mind tends to get bored while watching all the customs except if it is your friends marriage where you are sort of king in control of many aspects of marriage.
Here parents introduce you to oldies (read relatives) with all adjectives in the world for you and you have to keep a smiling face throughout.
Thank god, I was already bundled into nupital knots else the proposition would have altogether different, with each person looking like a hawk searching for next easy prey.
As I said earlier, my inner self took control over me soon and I asked permission to leave early from the scene. Coming out of the marriage hall, I quickly caught the first rickshaw I got and told him to take me to the nearest railway station.
While being in the rick I went down the memory lane.....
When we are young our attitude towards life is totally different. In college, We were a gang of 8 to10 boys. Being collegekumars, we used to go by rickshaw to college. Though none was a heir of financial wizard (though we badly needed at least one), our dreams were much much more. At that every youngster has big dreams (as youngsters tend to sleep more)
To go to college after required sum was contributes, we used to wait for 'The Rickshaw'. Since time was available in plenty, only that rick would be selected which was neat from outside. It had a soft cushioned seats with a deck hvng base volume on top. The driver was a young chap. All other normal rickshaws would be outrightly rejected.
The logic behind explained by a friend (guru) amongst us was when one alights down near the college gate, the girls look around when music played is on full volume and that carries a positive image of d person getting out if it.
If such words are told to a college boy, wonder if he would ever board a normal rick. Naturally everyone of us boarded only the best.
If this instance makes you feel its aggrevated then a college boy who had a girlfriend would always be on 7th heaven and even reject such ricks. His wish would be something still better.
Suddenly my rickshaw stopped. I had reached my destination. Today the rick did not have any comforts still I am happy as it saved my time. But this trip revived my memories and I got down smiling.
Just then a collegekumar refused to board the rickshaw I had travelled..........still this trend continues.......Amazing!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Day

Valentine's day, Valentine's day, Valentine's day
You are so unique because you make everyone pray

Your craze starts right from school days in the modern world
No surprise that old aged and youngsters are involved in your fold

St.Valentine never knew his message of love would be so popular
that fundamentalist will have to protest against this day by creating panic and fear

But love, as it is very simple, honest and clear
finds a way in the hearts of youngsters in remembering their dear

Definitely, youngsters should always know that love is such a pure emotion
on the d-day, true lover even lacks words to express his love, being in full tension

The problem today is many have taken things for granted among some of the youth
The 'moral police' being agitated try to discipline everyone in east, west, north or south

A simple solution is enjoy the day with the beloved ones as much as you can
As a matter of fact no one can cause any damage to love or create a ban

Luxurious gifts attract in the beginning, paving way for meaningful gifts later
The best given though is just being together and makes the person feel dearer

To be in the company of beloved makes the day special for both
Enjoying their valentine day thereby renewing the licence of oath

Monday, February 11, 2013

The power of 'MY'

Every person living in this world needs 'power'. The 'Power' to survive, the 'Power' to struggle, the power to overcome sorrows, the power to get up after a fall.

As everyone agrees, the mental power is bigger than physical power. The yogi's  had this divine knowledge and they overcame almost all their obstacles by themselves.

Even those who have power needs to be reminded of their inner powers at appropriate time for them to take full advantage of such inner strength (Yups.. you guessed it right... The Powerful Hanuman)

Everyone of us is a stuffed with lot of power unknown to us. We make use of it too, again unknowingly, when appropriate time comes.

Even the laziest creature on earth, whose biggest passion is sleeping, raises to the occasion much before time the day he has to go on a picnic.

If the scheduled time to start is 5.00 am on a chilly morning, rest assured 99% members of the group are guaranteed to assemble much before time. (We should not waste time on the 1% as it is just no point discussing such VIP's, who are always late)

People often tend to scribble around while they are doing nothing, say students when teachers are not in the classroom, people when they are stranded at a railway station or bus stop. We find all nonsense written inside a bus or train because people have no other important work when they travel (intentionally public toilets are not mentioned because they are pathetic, not worth a mention). Now the point to remember is that the very same people like to have their homes neat and tidy.

When a person is riding his own vehicle, generally he likes to drive it properly but when the same person is riding other's vehicle remarkable difference can be observed or experienced. (Here i am mentioning only about vehicle, one can imagine every other tangible asset is treated the very same way).

When parents tell their child to study during the course of the year by counselling them in different ways, the attitude of the child is different but the very same candidate just before a month of commencement of exam or during exam days study automatically without any call of the parents. Lo!!! A remarkable achievement!!! (again those who care the least during these days also are not worth a mention here)

What brings about a change in the attitude of all the above people.. is it time? is it luck? is it place?
The answer is a BIG NO.

It is the mentality of the people. By birth, a person is selfish. He wants to keep his things the best always without a compromise but he cares the least for that which is not HIS. This is the power of 'MY'. The day everyone thinks all that is around is HIS OWN, his attitude towards the use of that thing will change.

Before ending this note, a very simple example to illustrate the power of 'MY'.

When you give your pen to a a 3 year old child to play for couple of minutes and then try to get it back from their hands, it will be the most hectic task of the day, Because the child is bound to shout and cry at the top of his/her voice and create all commotions in defense because now the pen belongs to the child and you are trying to invade his territory.

This nation will be blessed and be a wonderful place to stay when every Indian acts on what he says regularly...... "India is MY country..........."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who is Envy???

Mr. Ravi a daily laborer, used to travel to his workplace by walk. Thinking about all the adversities of life he faced in daily life, he stopped at a railway crossing.

A railway crossing, a signal are places on roads wherein every person, rich or poor, has to stop. No amount of any kind of influence can help you get over the other side easily. Such stops are important more so because everyone can continue his process of thinking which he generally does while travelling by road. Gazing each other is one of the best ways to get over time.

Like others, Mr. Ravi too was involved gazing people around him. Just then, a person arrived on bicycle near him. The next thought obviously that came to his mind was 'How lucky this chap is to have a bicycle?'. I will put in all efforts and earn some extra bucks to purchase a new bicycle at the earliest.

No sooner, the bicycle rider stopped, he gazed around to find a person on a two-wheeler. Not being an exception, he too thought, 'The person with two-wheeler is much more luckier than him, he can move fast with least physical efforts, I too need to have such a two-wheeler sooner than later'

Now, the two-wheeler owner was building his dreams to purchase a normal SUV at the earliest so that he can drive along with his family anywhere and everywhere without much fuss. This two-wheeler was not that helpful in that scenario.

The SUV owner on his part, was unhappy on the comforts his vehicle was providing him. He was attracted to the newly launched SUV which was parked besides him with the latest amenities and also for the fact that it was chauffeur-driven vehicle. He was imagining the comforts of just relaxing in the rear than face all the music by driving the car himself.

So many people weaving dreams in their own world were in a way envious of the position achieved by other person besides him. This if taken in positive sense, could be motivation for each to progress too.

From whatsoever was happening at the railway crossing, one could say for sure that the owner of the luxurious car relaxing at the rear is the luckiest chap around at that place as he had all the luxuries at his disposal. But as it is said, the grass is greener on the other side always.

The car owner was himself envy of Mr. Ravi.

He was thinking how lucky a man is who is walking on his own in the streets for he had lost both his legs at childhood itself.

Different people think different.

Be contented with whatever you have as others may be just wishing they have all that you have as of now.

Monday, February 4, 2013


The advantages of being flexible are always more than expected
A flexible person as compared to a stubborn is more accepted

Being Flexible means always ready to adjust as per situation
Here, personal  wishes and choices takes a back seat without litigation

A flexible person adds to option of a captain of any team
For he can perform any task and make the captain beam

A Flexible person adds to the overall value of self and  his teammate
It motivates others to follow him, thereby brighten the team's fate

However, Being Flexible is not an  everybody's forte or an easy task
For it demands regular sacrifices and to hide true emotions behind mask

Further, all the sacrifices of a flexible person may go in vain
if the efforts put in by him are doubted as if he is to make a personal gain

Naturally being flexible is bound to bring a bad name in the beginning
As others feel it is pampering the bosses, for the sake of their praising

Others envy the presence of such a flexible person in their group
As it increases the chances of being thrown from the troupe

At personal front, the flexible person bears the maximum current
as every plan made has a risk of getting ruined at the spur of the moment

No amount of explanation can have an impact on the minds of people in house
Either they need to understand his position else he has to manage his spouse

The adverse effect of being flexible can be worst
If the damage is not controlled before it is burst

In practical life, the disadvantages of flexibility are many in different field
But a Flexible Person is the one who protects all like a strong shield

A Flexible person is the need of all organisations for survival
Which helps to face the winds of competition and avoid their burial

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kinder-Garten Admission - My Experience

           All the readers of my blog, an unique experience that I had in the past one week is worth a mention and hence this note today.
One of the newest school in Kalyan (East) currently in peak form announced distribution of forms for Nursery on 28th January, 2013 from 8 am to 10am.
           Now, what impact does it have on the minds of the concerned student... Nothing :-).. Honestly. He is hardly concerned where his parents are going to send him to build his career, to build the career of another nation builder.... Whooo!!!!... but the apathy of their parents is worth mentioning. Some poor people (not in money terms),  cannot curtail their anxiety, nor can control the anxiousness (this is a serious problem), assembled near the school gate right from 26th January, 2013 evening.... You may be thinking what a great deal. They have to actually spend the next 36 hours at the same place including two nights and one day. Its not a picnic package by any means.. though 26th January was a Saturday and 27th January was Sunday... people preferred to spend so many hours for the sake of their greatest gift of life... their child (don't know what will happen in future to them, poor chaps... in return later in life). Some volunteers from among the public initiated  a novel idea, one purchased a new register and started enrolling their names one after another. By the end of 27th January,evening the number soaring to as high as 250. And to ensure that the spirit of foolishness is not dampened, a late night attendance call to ensure physical presence was done at regular intervals in these 36 hours.... What a pity???
           This after the school authorities have announced that no need of so much of sacrifice and forms will be distributed to all. If the public give so much importance to such a small aspect then the organisation concerned will surely indulge in dictating terms thereafter. They for sure know whatever will be dictated will be followed by the fool of gangs that have gathered in huge numbers. Somehow, we (public) ourselves are responsible for the actions taken by School and then we cry or demonstrate against the school for atrocities carried against us. We forget that we are the ones who actually gave them the mind to do so in the beginning  No matter how good the infrastructure of the school is, no matter the teachers teach genuinely, the quality provided is best, the quantity intake is refrained.. but we need to control our emotions are let it perform normally without giving unnecessary pamper.
       Continuing with my narration, the helplessness of the parents could be seen in presence. One needed to be there physically to experience it. Definitely, the stories if explained will bring tears to one's eye. A mother carried her baby who was running with high fever, on pavement for the entire night.. A grandfather was out in the cold without proper cover.... Was all this required?? The School authorities are sure to take advantage (any person who knows his superiority would have) The printed forms which hardly cost less than a rupee was sold for Rs.400. Is this not criminal? But people are to be blamed for their gross negligence.
       Next day, on 28th Jan when forms were actually distributed, it hardly took 2 hours for distributing forms to the 200 strong regiment who had formed their base near the school gate for the past 36 odd hours.
      Dear parents, no doubt, you are excited and wish to give the best to your child, no compromise but getting an admission form does not confirm admission to your child in any way...... so relax and you can give the best to your child... a lesson to learn, a school you prefer.
      This article though related to last week is relevant today because today was the day the oldest school of Kalyan East was scheduled to distributed forms and the entire scene was repeated here too. God knows what goes through the minds of the parents for collecting a simple admission form. The only lessons to be learnt is what we generally advice to our children, "Do not be impatient, you will get your share of things when right time comes for it"
       If distribution of forms has enriched my knowledge, What after this till the time admission is finalized for Kinder-garden, then the actual schooling till SSC completion.... Graduation Admission and thereafter post-graduation degree with some professional degree will be a great learning experience for sure. This is too interesting for me personally because I am serving this education field for the past 18 odd years as a teacher at graduation and post graduation level and never felt it taught lessons in such a unique manner.
   God Bless All With Patience!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Being Satisfied

The work that brings peace to heart
The work that brings rest to mind
The work that brings a smile on the face

No matter how much laborious 
No matter how much time consuming
No matter how much pain staking

The work while being done
makes one forget the moon and sun
The work on completion
Brings about complete satisfaction

Irrespective what the world says
Still your mind appreciates
May be a routine for an outsider
Still you hear your heart beats clearer

Is your creativity; Is your vision
Is surely a matter of your pride, satisfaction

There are many views for being satisfied
One school says 'Never Be Satisfied', With what you have achieved
As it is a point of your being held back from progress
Whereas others say, 'Be satisfied with what you have achieved
As you need to be contended at some stage of life without stress'

Forget what the world says about your decision
It is going to bring you cheer and satisfaction