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Monday, February 4, 2013


The advantages of being flexible are always more than expected
A flexible person as compared to a stubborn is more accepted

Being Flexible means always ready to adjust as per situation
Here, personal  wishes and choices takes a back seat without litigation

A flexible person adds to option of a captain of any team
For he can perform any task and make the captain beam

A Flexible person adds to the overall value of self and  his teammate
It motivates others to follow him, thereby brighten the team's fate

However, Being Flexible is not an  everybody's forte or an easy task
For it demands regular sacrifices and to hide true emotions behind mask

Further, all the sacrifices of a flexible person may go in vain
if the efforts put in by him are doubted as if he is to make a personal gain

Naturally being flexible is bound to bring a bad name in the beginning
As others feel it is pampering the bosses, for the sake of their praising

Others envy the presence of such a flexible person in their group
As it increases the chances of being thrown from the troupe

At personal front, the flexible person bears the maximum current
as every plan made has a risk of getting ruined at the spur of the moment

No amount of explanation can have an impact on the minds of people in house
Either they need to understand his position else he has to manage his spouse

The adverse effect of being flexible can be worst
If the damage is not controlled before it is burst

In practical life, the disadvantages of flexibility are many in different field
But a Flexible Person is the one who protects all like a strong shield

A Flexible person is the need of all organisations for survival
Which helps to face the winds of competition and avoid their burial

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  1. very nice and true lines .., manage to find myself in ur poem .. :-)