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Saturday, March 23, 2013


The modern style of large people of society is to cheat
For only those proved to be wrong are considered culprit

In a democracy, every one has a right to defend himself
People of upper hierarchy, have others to shout on their behalf

So in a country like India, being poor is a curse
Being Rich can save you from all kinds of bruise

Simple living, High thinking was the rule of the past
High living standards with average thinking has won hearts aghast

Corrupt persons are allowed to contest and win elections easily
For the heinous crimes is not yet proved, a reason provided, obviously silly

Our democracy is a model for others to follow
Some aspects of our own system are difficult to swallow

The administrative system of the country must run on independent wheel
For Transfers and post retirement benefits make many honest people kneel

The Police and Judiciary must go hand in hand without becoming fragile
The culprit caught must be sentenced instantly giving a few fair trail

This poem is an emotional outburst on various issues built
Cheats of so many scams moving around freely without any guilt

An affluent filmstar promoted by elite class for being eligible to be pardoned
Many poor jailed for reasons unknown and  their cases totally ignored

Someone should stand and raise voice for such cases categorically
For 'Innocent should not be punished' is the theme of our Judiciary

Jai Hind!!!


  1. sir a nice took several times of reading to understand its meaning........
    one need to think over this aspect.....and work towards the progress of our country......

  2. Unfortunately, true. We live in a pathetic country which needs much transformation.

  3. Highly appreciate the way very common issues which are still circulating in our country have being expressed.
    Our country's path of decision is 'not to hate the criminal, hate the crime' , in short our authorities give more importance to humanity when taking a decision.

    The lines which you had expressed obviously support the current democratic problems we are facing, lets hope your words add an optimist change to this society.

  4. Great one sir; a beautiful description of sad truths of India; which really needs a transparency across all the process of country!!