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Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday

The only day of life when a mother laughs and the child cries
The remaining days, its other way round, in-spite what anyone tries

A special day in the life of every person
when the world laughs with you without any tension

A day when the people close, arrange a 'surprise' party
A cake, few gifts and includes all people who are that worthy

Such a party is special for it is not in the plans of the person even faintly
the 'surprise' increases the face value of the person with a smile instantly

The people who put in efforts to make all such arrangement on birthday
exhibits the respect and love for the person, least to say

Blessed is such a person, who has such loving people around
For no amount can purchase pure emotions of love, faith, trust and bond

These verses on birthday are reflections of  my experiences I was showered with
By students and friends on 25/3/2013 which also cleared many of my myth

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