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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A person who leads a nomadic life
prefers to live in solace without child and wife

A person who has no permanent place to live
who cares the least for self, is always ready to give

The guy is happy without any luxury
Who prefers to walk while travel without any hurry

He carries his world along which is minimal
includes all things required for survival

He can adjust himself to the extreme conditions
mourns less, understands more, accepts situations

He is a King in many regards, eats what he has in his dish
lives where he feels comfortable, dictates terms of life as per his wish

He may be happy for the outside world, ready for any get together
His insight within may reveal a different story altogether
The experiences he shares, one might feel he is a great story teller
Dear friends, never miss an opportunity to meet the WANDERER ever!!!


  1. Maybe easy for us to read, but difficult to live a nomadic life like him. I wonder if this is his life, then how might the people in a tribe called 'nomadics' be feeling not having a permanent place to live. They construct home for others but dont have a home of their home. That's what we can just think, but to adopt such life is far from our reach.
    This poem is a good lesson for people like us who atleast have a secure roof overhead to enjoy a relax & peaceful life.

  2. Somebody so different from normal person ; a life different from normal life .....great one , i liked the way the his living described