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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Picnic just says Pick your bag at the available nick
Helps your mind to refresh, ends being homesick

Picnic is just an excuse to break the routine
Does not really depend on the place or cuisine

Picnic is a great stress buster from the chaos and pressure
A few people close to the heart is enough for leisure

Picnic is always special in many a ways
For everything thrusted inside the heart is released always

The D-Day of Picnic has a majestic touch as one wakes smiling
Everyone has a feel good factor from within, right from the beginning

Even the sleep god fails to weave its magic all around
The laziest bones are energetic with positivity showing turnaround

Picnics are enjoyable, because of accompanies we choose
The right chord of emotions are released when we let ourselves loose

Planned picnics have all comforts arranged so some may be bored
Instant picnics have the surprise element but its a two edged sword

Today I am moving off for one such unplanned picnics with anxious heart
the enjoyment will unfold once the travel begins to a world apart

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  1. I am Missing this Picnic.........................................:(