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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Service to mankind

Service to mankind is service to God, is the saying
Many people practice this principle and indulge in serving

Here comes the difference between thinkers and doer
people who think still are thinking how do they serve the poor

While doers start doing their activity and start whatever they can do
without thinking if their act will yield results which they were intended to

The service includes serving plain water to the people who are walking
Providing different Juices or Buttermilk on a summer day is refreshing

Some arrange for different fruits or biscuits to munch
A few blessed people arrange for full fledged dinner or lunch

Satisfying the stomach is not the only means of service to human nation
those who provide for free "Maalish" do their bit of providing relaxation

The best relief providers are Doctors who accompany a group for these days
For hundreds of people who walk barefooted rely on medicines and sprays

Not to be forgotten are the people who provide free accommodation to all
For arrangement of  food, water and shelter are the challenges to be met stiff and tall

Ultimately, everyone should try to be a donor, not only of cash, in a group
Everyone should donate time, labour and provide selfless 'seva' to the troupe

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