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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Every living creature was born alone and leaves this world alone
Even the artificial creation is called as 'clone'

No matter how many relatives we are born with
All the friends you make during lifetime are yours, is just a myth

The final truth is simple, whatever crowd you relate to
one is always alone and has to slog oneself to achieve, so very true

Being alone creates both physical stress along with vacuum at mental level
The positivity within needs to be brought out and deal with loneliness, with marvel

Being alone is not a negative feeling by any stretch of imagination
The earlier acceptance of this fact helps better result anticipation 

All achievements in a group are the result of toil of the leader
The individual praise of the leader motivates him to work further

The advantage of 'being alone' also are many, best known to creator of art
The fact is the best of creativity is created in total silence and world apart

Even the 'truth' of one's existence, the fun of 'time' that makes one dance
The purpose of being a part of worldly affairs, is realised only in deep 'trance'


  1. U Touch every aspect of life by ur poems really nice add to ur poem is that we are only the true lovers of our happiness nobody can think of it more then us nobody will stand for what we believe expect us

  2. simple words of reality. being alone is the best thing.

  3. true n simple words sir....nice one....