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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Change - the most constant factor in this human life
Had change not occurred, our lives would not been so comfortable
Those who are unable to digest 'Change' create strife
Many argue that change should not be so fast but slow and stable

No argument actually passes the test of time successfully
Their argument is fake for they do not have the courage to face the change
The easiest option at such times is to take on the challenge tactfully
Initial disappointments are a reality but the important aspect is to manage

The world we survive today is a result of consistent change over period of time
All the technological benefits we enjoy today are fruits of research and development
Every field of human life is blessed with advanced features, providing a sense of sublime
Every natural thing is created artificially, so precisely and perfectly, without any argument

Changes to illustrate has affected our living in a large way
Education has changed, the way it is imparted to students by projectors and live example
Internet has brought about the entire world in a screen of 20 inches to learn and play
Telecommunication industry has a face lift - landlines to mobiles to networks, a great sample

Luxuries of life have increased along with expectation of people in this modern era
Medical field is the largest beneficiaries of technological advances
Doctors have become life saviours and therapist even show a person his 'aura'
Scientist explore life beyond earth, human survival at moon and mars show best chances

Every small ingredient of human life has experienced sea of change
The only option for survival for every living being is to accept this fact without complaining
Only few fields are referred in these verses, changes in other fields do have a large range
Changes in the past, changes in the present pave way for adventurous future life living.

Remember, Time Changes - Bad times will soon become brighten
                   Place Changes - Developments are bound to happen
                   Person Changes - Do not judge on the past records in future
                   Be flexible, Accept Change, Live a simple life being mature


  1. Be flexible, Accept Change, Live a simple life being mature sab se best and meaningful message u can give to ur growing students sirjiiii to teach them to tackle the change in personal and professional life

  2. dats superb sir.. ua each writings teaches us a lesson... thnks a lot for helpin us all d time...