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Friday, May 3, 2013


Stones are found commonly everywhere
walking or running, seldom does one care

Many a times we hurt ourselves walking carelessly
The 'stone' is held culprit getting all the curses unnecessarily

Stones are found in different shapes or size, big or small
the only creation held responsible for every fall

An interesting fact though is stones are an integral layer of road
Laid down at three stages, it helps them become strong to bear the load

Some feel, stones are laid down in the road with specific intention
to reduce speed or hamper the smoothness or just create mental tension

This creates a mental block and unwarranted stress, along-with unpleasant ride
Accepting the simple fact that roads are from stones, helps overcome such a tide

These verses are framed for students appearing for various exams during the year
Stones are the problems in the road of success, the secret code here is "do not fear"

Stones are bound to be a part of your travel and the best part of its being there is
All stones overcome, becomes the highlight of success story, for anyone to miss


  1. nice one sir.... thank u so much.... ur words are always an inspiration in my life....

  2. Nice Lines sir ... keep writing ... keep motivating :-) awaiting for some more new poem of urs .

  3. Poem on stones !! totally out of the box and it is awesome !!

  4. Each and every sentence is motivating..SO inspiring thoughts..

  5. Nice One Sirji Bhaut Accha likhte ho

  6. awesome thoughts expresd in nice lines sir.... thank u sir

  7. Awesum lines SSiiir!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankz 4 motivatng us:)