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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Value is a subjective issue, it depends on so many factors, some controlled some not
Out of sight - out of mind, a common concept on which 'value' of value is got

Observations conclude 'value' tends to be least for things received with minimum effort
Contrarily,the 'value' of things is greatest when time taken is maximum to gain control of the fort

An most important aspect is that 'value' is associated with person involved genuinely 
Also, Value is based on priorities, changing with changing times regularly

The value of a person increases as a result of the good deed
The help, the charity, he extends to the society selflessly at the time of need

The more he is involved in social commitment
The larger is his need in the society and thus increase in the giving sentiment

However, his family may not accept such a behaviour
Where majority time is spent for survival and leisure time on becoming social saviour

Balance is what is crucial at such times along with proper time management
Proper allocation of available resources will simplify the arrangement

'Love' is a pure feeling which can restrict the creeper of ego to develop
For those who are neglected while charity is on, they complain and even sob

Being Valued is a very complex feeling created within which is difficult to let go
And a very good friend, which nurtures another feeling - ego

Both generally travel hand in hand and seldom leave other's company
Similar to story of hen/egg as to which came first and have destroyed many

Experienced wizard say both are independent and survive separately
But practically once a person is 'valued', he develops ego automatically

So, if you are a valued person in the society, just be careful not to cross the line
Remember that Serving the society is your duty and rest will be fine

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  1. very thoughtful of you sir! value education indeed :)