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Saturday, June 1, 2013


God created this world,  full of amazing things all around
Human beings could find few but many are yet to be found

His creation makes the most intelligent human mind marvel
While watching the mountains, the rivers and beauty passing by during travel

Every inch of nature is beautifully carved with endurance as an integral feature
Providing an opportunity of survival for all living beings including smallest creature

The creation of animals made the man God merrier as they are very faithful
HE provided different strengths and weakness to keep everyone alert and watchful

The internal check on all creations of nature is an illusion of HIS magical touch
Every living being which bears a curse, is blessed with power to overcome that crunch

The powers may be explicit or may be deep rooted inside, depending upon many factors
Internal strength is superior to the external, bringing it to fore needs overcoming many detractors

All these creations of Almighty is existent and almost permanent in nature
Man has to conserve it in the present, only then it will be available even in the future

No doubt, creation of Man was the most amazing and wonderful action of God
Every part of human body is fabulous arrangement, placed neatly without being odd

In the early stages, Man struggled to survive the rawness of nature and harshness of weather
The passage of time eased his way with invention of many artificial things and also living together

The research and development in all sectors of life made a turnaround in the quality of life spent
all modern gadgets, replaced nature with artificial products, making man forget what life actually meant

Man has become a carrier of different sort of diseases, all because of unwanted desire
Overworking, stressful life pattern, sleeping at odd hours, need for luxuries adds to the fire

Today a man is blessed with beautiful bed but lacks sufficient sleep
He has varieties in food, but lacks hunger as his worries run deep

This modern world has created unwanted pressure all around and made a person so crazed
Looking at this lifestyle, with no sleep and hunger, even the God is amazed!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes sir... even these are a part of the big program set up by HIM

  2. wow awesum poem
    very nicely expressed