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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Growing is a natural process in everyday life just like any other activity
We eat, we sleep, we walk, we run, everything we do is our natural duty

Growth can be measured and recorded in numericals
This growth is very good and it can be precise even upto decimals

The attitude of a person marks the growth which is not measureable
Even the assets grows drastically making a mark of what he is capable

The immeasurable growth is more dangerous and complex
Never do we understand what runs in the mind which is perplex

'Action speaks louder than words' goes the saying generally
Ego takesover such mind, which otherwise accepts things normally

Growth is not a negative aspect in any regard
For growth can lead to development of self and social guard

Only a person who satisfies his family needs properly at all time
Has the right frame of mind for community service sublime

A child grows to become a man over a period of time naturally
His approach towards life depends how he matured - seriously or casually?

A seed develops into plant which inturn becomes a tree
The advantages of shadow, flowers, fruits are enjoyed by all totally free

Every living being aims to grow big in his own accord
The important aspect is the cost spent for the same on and off the record

Once grown into a big tree, every living being expects fruits regularly
Sometimes failing to understand the tree bears fruits only seasonally

All curses are hurled when the desires and expectations are not fulfilled
Tree at such times feel, rather than growing further, it is better if it is killed.

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