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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Watch your thoughts for its becomes your action
Watch your actions for it becomes your habits
Watch your habits for it becomes your behaviour
Watch your behaviour for it becomes your character
Watch your character for it defines 'you'
Is a saying which is applicable to all generations, old and new

Habits are an integral part of upbringing from childhood to manhood
Nobody ever understands when hobbies actually becomes habits
Habits are always double edged swords in life
It can be relaxing at times, levying a huge cost some other times equally
Generally a man develops habits along with his peer
This helps him in overcoming clouds of depression and makes his face cheer

Habits make the person slave of the actions he undertakes to do voluntarily
The consistency of his actions sets an alarm in his mind permanently
This is when such actions leads to destruction at all levels - self, family and society
Self destruction is one of the major side effects and he becomes the target of pity
The man forgets all about the civilisation and moral science being taught at school
Just chases hard to get this thirst satisfied at any cost and feels it being an act so cool

Habits can never be good, howsoever one thinks he does is best and feels it is not a crime
Repetitive nature of the acts may irritate the fellow beings, and it may even fail the test of time
Habits are bad not because of the nature of action, but because of the habit and its range
As it is rightly said, Habits are humans most consistent companion in life without a change

The most astonishing factor of Habits, is in the word 'Habit'
Observe closely and remove 'H' from it 'A Bit' remains
Still struggle and get 'A' out, we see 'BIT' remains
and you work hard on it to get 'B' out.... we find 'IT' remains

Inculcate Good Habits and reap good benefits for life..... :-D


  1. Ekdum jakas sir last para is awesome.......

    1. Akshay yes habits are dangweous!!! Be careful... hope u understand....