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Friday, July 12, 2013

Sometimes or Always

Two words bonded closely with each other
Used exclusively such that latter replaces former

Few luxuries of life can be enjoyed thoroughly only sometimes
For the cost of daily living would be unbearable if used all times

Every creation of god which is natural can be consumed always
For it is generally free and helpful for human life in many ways

Every creation of man which is artificial need to be used rarely
For it is having its own cost of creation with usage to be done carefully

Experts insists one peg of whisky makes a heart healthy and hale, but only sometimes
The problem of man is that peg does not stop at one and becomes habit for all times

Even tobacco consumption sometimes may not be hazardous
But regular use of it or habit makes living of human life dangerous

Among the things that needs to be practiced always, is hard work, self-discipline, respect
Today's people feel it difficult to follow even for sometimes, failing to deliver what elders expect  

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