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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thinking for others....

In this modern world, where time is moving so very fast
People are running behind time to earn and save for the last

In this race, people become mean and self interested to the core
Their world starts and ends with their family of four

At such times, if 'you' think about others with helping intention
Nothing can be more appreciated in this age of intense competition

Your step taken for lending a helping hand to needy and poor
In turn may make your life contented and worth living, for sure

Charity can be in any form, either donation in cash or providing service common
Your initiative today will go a long way to revive the life of many or at least one

God Bless you all now and forever!!!
Lord Krishna is playing with us just here!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wah re bhagwan!!!

I search you, call u daily, but never find you
Feeling disappointed, i search for ways new

But when i am in deep problem, which seems to remain forever
You come and solve as if nothing existed ever

I am sure my belief in you can never cease
With such timely interventions, the faith is sure to increase

Many argue about your existence, give rational argument, make us speechless
The biggest question though is we have very little to prove, for you are formless

The Proof of your existence is best felt at personal level at different phase 
For you are a friend, a philosopher, a guide,  play different role in different case

There are mixture in every living element of life, some believers others not
Only love can spread the fragrance of your being, rather than battles fought

My experiences says every atheist believes you more than the firm believers
The only difference is they wander around searching for the existence of yours

!!!Bappa morya - Om sai ram - Saranam ayyappa!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Independence Day

This Independence Day, we celebrate with so much enthusiasm and zeal
For we are lucky to have a proper shelter, enough clothing and daily meal

We shake hands, greet each other merrily and even plan an outing for this day
For we are 'Free' for this day from the routine chores and we enjoy being away
Is this real independence is the biggest question to ponder???
Majority point out fingers to modern day politicians to escape, no wonder

Freedom in its manifold includes all types of enjoyment and leisure
These very reasons led India to the situation of slavery and seizure

The value of a thing, depends upon the cost spent in its pursuance
The modern day man has really sacrificed very less to gain independence
In comparison, the old aged talk more about every single experience
For their memories weep for all the mayhem seen, still alive in their remembrance

Such days are important in today's life, to know about the 'martyrs' sacrifice
The Google's, Facebook's, Wikipedia helps us know about their pains and cries

The likes of Bhagat, Azad, SC Bose who were core revolutionaries
Fought the Britishers head on, believed in 'attack for self defence' and were visionaries
They were different from the others in approaching the struggle for freedom
Their mindset was clear,  for they knew, anytime they can be mowed down

But today after so many years, their thoughts are proved correct on many grounds
Corruption has become a parasite in our bureaucracy system, doing its own rounds

Today's patriots need to change their approach to re-ignite the flame of love for country
For there are many avenues to reach, and practically, every avenue poses a threat to unity
Selfless, Committed patriots is the need of the hour with youngsters raising their hand
No doubt, celebrate this day universally but do honour the duty for your Motherland

Jai Hind!!! Vande Mataram!!!
Jago, Kuch Karo, rather than just Aaram!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Youngistan and Parents....

The generation whom I am in constant touch for many a year
Teaching, training, counselling for they are very dear

They are a perfect example of real life wanderer
Failing to stand to the expectations made by elder

Parents are stuck in awe due to the sudden change
Generation gap, peer pressure, and all, included the range

They are god-gifted in many respect
But lack of discipline, confused mind make them a failure aspect

Not understanding their priority to decide the line of action
Their mind wavers as to the person to approach for solution

A friend is more reliable, say many after thinking for long
The parents have to face the burnt, when things go abruptly wrong

Experience of parents are handy to solve the problems generally mild
The mind does not follow the heart, and also prevents the child

This in turn creates an atmosphere of doubt among the two
Creating lot of tension and discontent too

The ego factor wiggles its tail more often
Worsens the situation, makes the heart hard rather than soften

The people who were closest at initial phase of living
Become warriors of war of words, rather than forgiving

The teen age is most difficult to handle which all agree
The best way, ofcourse, is to set their goals and let them free

Again, freedom should not be unwatched or ignored
Parents watch will guide them move ahead better geared

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A day for friends

The only relation we choose after we understand
Other relations are already existing even before we land

No constraint or bias before we shake our hand
Now a days, the trend is to tie on the wrist, a band

This trend of friendship may be new
Accepted by many, rejected by few

A person whom we confide anything under this sky
We believe more than any blood relation, dont know why?

Just being with them gives us some sort of comfort
We feel we can achieve everything with their support

The fact is that these idiots encourage our every activity
Whether logical or not, correct or wrong, in or out of city

This gang stands firmly behind us in most odd situation
Our partners in crime & held responsible for our action

This idiot or a gang, whose relation can never end
Is none other that that of a friend!!!

A friend is a 'sacred' word to have in our life
Unknowingly gains a position above husband or wife

The best part is you need not to be special or formal or wise
After an agressive fight with foul words, just hug to compromise

A true friend is so easily available but still rare
Be as normal as possible but "handle with care"

Let go your ego when you are with your friend
For if you let go your friend it would be your "End"

Happy Friendship Day is the only mantra of the day
Let your hairs down, shake legs, or just be there, I say.

The facebooks, twiters and other have added spice in today's fest

Still trust is the only base on which this friend'ship' floats the best

The survival of this pure relation is many a times put to test

But this relation is so strong that that it proves itself everywhere, west or east.