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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hey all, welcome to this kingdom
you are sure to get rid of the boredom

Have loads of uninterrupted joy and fun
that you have missed in the busy life, you run

In this kingdom, there are no restrictions what so ever
you may become a character that you think, whatever

In a moment you can become a King
with anybody as assisting you in you wing

Giving orders to all, including your bosses
For every other day you are made responsible for all his losses

Immediately you may travel to far off places within a second
it can be high mountains, deep valleys, dense forest without any end

You can enjoy what can one can think in his wildest dream
Being at north pole, still enjoying your favorite ice-cream

The next moment you may choose to be inside the deepest sea divine
swimming next to huge whales, sharks and all creatures marine

Being exhausted you may just enter your huge bungalow
With exotic designs and interiors having a fair glow

Just as you are in your deepest slumber, enjoying the calmness around
Down comes a bucket of water, disturbing you throughout

Just then you realise, its the kingdom of dreams, you travelled last night
Now, you have to slog hard to realise all you dreams, as sun shines bright


  1. Nice dream....its dreamz tht make u feel gud for once & fortunate few who are passionate abt even fulfill
    it. Follow ur dreamz!!!

  2. Woww !
    As good as always...
    Dreams are the best when fulfilled in real =D The whole read was a great journey..

    Keep penning sir :)

  3. It had one word KING......bass Ek number....#Happy