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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A poet and a poem

Writing a poem is an art
Enjoyed by all those who feel its integral part
Every topic reflects the poet's thoughts
Every word of the poem is what has been taught
to the poet either in the present or in distant past
from a teacher or by his experience which can be vast

Even a poem is incomplete in many a ways
The arrangement of words shows what a poet says
the knowledge of poet can be partial or reflect his need
he describes the theme in what he has got to read
some other times he may describes from what he has heard
sometimes he has no opinions and simply follows the herd

Timing of writing a poem has also a deep impact on the writing pad
being happy brings out cheerfulness else words are gloomy when he is sad
The theme of a poem can be quite different for people of various batch
the thinking of the poet and understanding of the reader may not match
Its like an elephant being defined by Six Blind People, who imagine the big animal,
from the part which they got hold of, without knowing the huge frame of mammal

The writings of an Experienced writer has different feel
While an amateur just pens down whatever he feels
The experienced writer has a burden of expectation to satisfy
who follow him unconditionally over the years to justify
Amateur is free to write down anything and everything
but will have to stand the test of time to prove his thinking

Ultimately, every living thing perishes one day or other
a writer continues to live through his writings forever.

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