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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Being Mobile

Today is the world of Being Mobile!!! Everybody from a school going child to old age grandpa use mobile.
But is this modern gift of science worth using it??? Even after understanding the ill-effects of radiation, no one is really bothered....

On a more serious note, what is the use of a mobile for a school going child? Parents defend by saying it helps to track down their position but then 'do children reply honestly' and many would agree that the answer is negative.

The next most dangerous trend which is catching up is to impress others... if 'A' brings mobile of Rs.10,000 then 'B' must afford atleast a model costing Rs.15,000 to maintain status. We have never grown from being monkeys (at least while imitating)...

Further, with a latest handset in the pocket, students who already have poor concentration for lectures, get further distracted and keep checking if there are any updates in their facebook account or for that matter any social networking sites...(checking for messages recevied and missed call is a fashion of the past).

Who is to be blamed for all this mess, Parent or Student?

Now, let us take another instance, When an old age person goes to a place of worship, his intention is to surrender himself to God But Alas! when he is in his deepest thoughts and feeling very near to God, he starts vibrating (all temples request devotees to switch their handsets to vibrating or silent mode) and now God gets a back seat and this mobile a prirority...

No matter that everyone and everyday is something new in the world of technology... it really needs to b seen whether this invention is for betterment or man is taking one step backward in life.

Mobiles are best utility for business people and careful use of this technology can be derived if put to use properly.

Young Brigade..... Live life rather just Being Mobile.

Be Traditionally Modern!!


  1. Hmmmm, Thought provoking!! I agree with you friend...but as of now Mobile has become quite indispensable...probably, the parents should try to switch to a plan which doesnt allow data usage.....

  2. yups sajiv!!! many instances can be quoted, not only students but responsible people like drivers, doctors, teachers should be responsibly use mobiles.

  3. I think Mobile Usage calls for Maturity; if a person has a fantastic phone with all the features compiled; he can make the best use of it in his Business , work etc, and not just for show off !! This all depends upon how mature with any gadget

  4. tablet is in now.... forget mobile... buy tablet ;)

  5. ahh!! arun.. pls buy tablet and have it with a glass of water!!! :-)

  6. Ayyooo saar, can't believe you have a blog. Moons ago(bahut saal pehle) yours truly used to sit on the third last bench trying to learn final accounts. Haan, ab yaad aaya. Vivek iyer ke batch main tha.

    There was this one saar(either a tambi or a mallu, i don't remember) who used to teach economics. Most of the students found him boring. I, on the other hand found his teachings interesting and prophetic. My infatuation with economics started with him and it just went on and on from there. I remember saar-ji telling us how a news company interviewed his family because indra devata had blessed his house with thousands of liters of rain water on chabees july. I don't remember his name but send my regards to him.

    Vishu saar, I hope you're doing well. I remember you very well. In fact, you banished me from your class for several days straight because I didn't fulfill a certain condition you made. Those were interesting days.