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Monday, August 13, 2012


Impermanence just says 'Nothing is permanent'
The simple truth of life ignored by majority of a cent

There is nothing which can be permanent forever
Exception to this rule is 'Nature' which is always a Giver

There is no human who is a success or failure always
the tide of time turns upside down as game of  maze

The examples of instant success and disappearance are so many, 
so is the case of a successful venture gone dismay instantly

The winning of Congress in Centre in 2004 was unexpected
The Rise of Republic of China in Olympic games though perfected

The winning of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal 
The qualification in the Football World Cup by Senegal

The failure of Indian Hockey in Olympics 
are illustrations of the see-saw of this flick

So the fact to be accepted is simple
things perish but not the relationship of a pal

Cultivate people in your hay days unegoistically 
who help you survive the hammer of adversity

Dear all, follow the simple rule of living this life-cart
Never take success to your head and Failure to your heart

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