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Sunday, August 5, 2012


A pack of cards had fifty two cards of different case
Four kings, queens, jacks & tens to ace
Four different varieties based on two colours
black cards are spade and flowers
red cards are diamonds and heart
everyone try their luck believing their fate
these cards are used to play many a game
rammie, flash, teen patti are few to name
a game of rammie has players of any number
where thirteen cards are given to each member
the first player draws one card from the pack 
the next palyer distributes cards to others back to back
this card drawn by the first player is the joker
which changes from game to game like that of a poker
this joker is so important that every player prays
to get that card in that game he plays
a joker who is till the game continues, is a hero
in the next game, has value not more than a zero
a joker remains a joker with a smile
useful only till the time it is worthwhile
the person who has lots of jokers does not like it
and the other who does not have even one, is crazy for it
every card he draws from the lot,
he wishes that a joker is what he has got
A joker can replace any card in the pack for a game
but the power of such a useful card vanishes as the name
In our actual life, everyone wants to be a king
as it has the highest value to sing
but this life would have been much better
in other's life, if you are ready to be a joker.

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