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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Horizon

The place where sky meets the earth
seeks no reservations for a berth
the place which can be seen from a far off as light
has nothing as such when u reach the actual site
you understand one theory of life which is often told
"all that glitters is not gold"
we feel the grass is always greener on the other side
come to actual terms and you realise its the same your beside
the positive aspect of trying to reach the horizon
is the motivation it builds to run towards the desitnation
we must understand that success is a journey of life which goes on
its not a destination for which you are actually born
once you reach the target, you set higher goals
and again get bogged down with a new set role
this journey continues as the clock ticks
everyday, every night without holding back any sticks
you get merrier by the achievement you made
but again it makes you realise your responsibility by your higher grade
so what, where and why are you running for?
was this target never achieved before?
Are you the pioneer to set this path new?
the answers to the above questions are negative
looking at the other aspect, be contended with what you have got
this success you reached is to be celebrated before it gets rot
another principle in life says,
slow and steady wins the race
so walk rather than run
and see life is more of fun
be a support for friends and stand for others tall
do not even attempt for others downfall
keep your heads high and broad chest
you will soon get your share of golden harvest
because there is some super power above all
who keeps account of good and bad of one and all
He is the supreme and creator of this nature


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    1. Thank you sir for your valuable feedback :-)

  2. Interesting and Inspiring! the best thing the all time thoughts of leading a life is crafted out in a Wonderful way !!