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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A journey called Life

We start this journey with or without any previlage
Likewise it ends without our knowledge

What happens in between is the tale quite different
Every one is in a race to nibble his share of bread and hutment

If everyone is allowed to share his experience as a game
It would be very interesting as no two stories would be same

No doubt, the childhood days are the best
no tensions, no responsibilities, just play and take rest

Playing being a child, teaches many a lesson
He learns winning and losing happens in a session

The funny part is every child wants to grow up fast
Being old, he thinks why did the child within did not last

The adolescence is the most difficult phase
when he is neither small nor mature to handle his case

No sooner he enters the age of marriage
His eyes and mind searches for a partner besides a good package

He feels his life being settled, with wife and children
Praying for success of cubs in 'Jungle' when they get out of the den

The end of the life of every person cannot be predicted
Some happy, some sad but one things's for sure, every soul gets evicted

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