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Monday, December 31, 2012

A teacher

Learning is continuous process, a life turner
Till the end of life, every person is a learner

What to learn, Where to Learn, How much to learn, from whom to learn
Depends on the thirst you have, and what the teacher provides in return

We can learn from small small incidents we meet everyday
Our mistakes, our experiences teach us in many a way

One feels its the teacher who teaches a student a lesson
on the contrary, its the teacher who learns by observation

The mistakes of students, the doubts he raises in the classroom
improves the knowledge of teacher and helps him to groom

A teacher becomes better by the rich experience gained
a student is happy too as gets a teacher who is better trained

No teacher can boast to be a master of the subject 
for the audience changes and so does the teaching aspect

A teacher gains respect from the entire society
For he guides the career of many in the city

Life of a true teacher is like a candle, burning self and giving light
Caring for students, guiding through their individual plight

My advise, become a teacher, only if teaching is your passion
For the positive aspect is a teacher will never be out of fashion


  1. Absolutely agree with the last two lines. Thought provoking I say

  2. Absolutely true. Reminded of Richard Bach's statement that the best teacher is the best learner (not quoted, from memory).