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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Flex banners

The word 'banner' has spread amongst all like a viral flu
Many takers surfacing 'out of the blue'

People from different walks of life use this source
To scream about their deeds without remorse
Remorse for advertising illegally
Leave alone the concern morally

Even the 'paid' banners are not spared
The 'Rulers' put up their banners over it, without being cared
It is such a hypocracy that No one wants to pay
But want to have their share of say

Used mostly to tell when did one bless this world
Wishes by followers in new designs and some unconventional word
The other extreme end is neither spared, in a sense
Everyone join hands to offer their condolence

All the functions in between, are displayed irrespective of any age
A first birthday, marriage or achievement of any personal mileage

The biggest headache, no doubt, comes during election
Wherein every candidate have list of deeds to mention
Wishes during festive season related to any caste or creed
Reflects not only their minds but also their greed

The sheets used are non-biodegradeable with harmful ink
Is destroying our nature and making our lives sink

Print banners with sense only when required
Save nature, human race from being buried

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