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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The day when i started writing a few lines called poetry
one of the wish i had was to describe this intangible factory

But what was required to write was less imagination
more of experience and importantly lot of devotion

GOD can be different for every person in ways as many
But he describes HIM the best who could enjoy HIS company

The first touch of GOD in a human life could be
either through sacred books or word of mouth of a devotee

In the beginning everyone thinks some else
God is only a 'feel of good' - nothing more, nothing less

The 'rationals' argue that is HE is nowhere
but sincere devotion makes HIM felt everywhere

Having faith in HIM and sharing one's success is way of living
Having blind-faith gives chance to few to say adverse about believing

GOD is an acronym for Generator, Orderliness and Destroyer
You can always be with HIM by chanting daily lines of Prayer.

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