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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rezang La....

The day 12.12.12 was special for many people in different ways.

Many were happy to have survived to this date and felt blessing for being able to enjoy to see this day and had plenty of posts in facebook and other social sites.

Some were more precise and posted exactly at 12:12pm on dis date....Wow!!!
Some people had  their birthdays on this special date...

Further few people recognised that we were a generation who are lucky to see the dates from 1.1.1 to 12.12.12 which may come back after a thousand years only..  What an observation, Hats off!!!

But a single saying, overcomes all the euphoria exhibited above - "Even this time will pass away".

So what made this day special???

The CNN-IBN had telecasted an award function - 'Indian of the Year' at around 10.00pm. Congratulations to all the deserving winners of the award.

Mr.Vishwanathan Anand, was conferred upon the title, which was heartening because of many firsts he had achieved. He was the first person from the sports category to be conferred upon this award. An unique achievement for him at personal level.

There were many stalwarts of different walks of life, who were nominees and further, the best among them, who were awardee at the function.

A worthful watch... But the moment of the day, came for me personally, when Life Time Achievement were conferred upon - 'The War Hero's of 1962  - Indian Sino War'.

It was heart-touching to see the war heros of 1962. They were emotional but being warriors they spoke out their heart out.

This company was led by Major Shaitan Singh, who was conferred upon Param Vir Chakra for his actions. Rezang La was the last point where chinese invaded with a army of more than 1600 soldiers against 123 indians...

Of the 123 Indians, 114 gained matrydom.....6 of them had attended yesterday's function.

One of the soldiers was the Radio operator of Major Shaitan Singh... who really spoke their existing problems.

He highlighted the fact that today the family members of Kargil War were compensated adequately but the Widows and children of the 1962 war were ignored to a large extent.

No adequate compensation package was announced to them. The children of the freedom fighters were still struggling to lead a normal life.

He also brought into notice of the crowd that if chinese had not been stopped at that time, to day the map of india would have been different... we would have lost Leh, Ladakh and nearby areas. These words brought the entire audience to tears.

My only appeal to all - Is this the way we treat our warriors?

Me and you are busy in our lives that we seldom have time to think for others.
But the soldiers on the border live and die just for us
When they do so much everytime...Why do we not rise and pitch our voice in times of their need??

The Government of India is ignorant, what we can do at our level is to awake the government and atleast make them announce adequate compensation for the family members of matrys.
(This has no reference to any political party)

If words and writings have some impact and if social networking sites are power tools to ignite passion of masses, let us get together and raise our voice.....

Dedicated to the warriors # REZANG LA

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