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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Artist

The person who works on an art
either in full or in part

whether average or very smart
 hitting the outskirts or bulls-eye in a dart

keeping all his emotions in the inner rings
without letting the people know many things

ready to display his creations at all times
being happy or sad rarely affects his frames

but the creation does reflect his mind
because the flow of air is always with wind

The limit of this community is not the people who display their masterpiece
but every individual who works for stability and peace

An actor, a singer, a dramatist, a cinematographer
a poet, a writer, a painter, a story teller,

a chartered, a lawyer, a secretary, a teacher
a priest, a doctor, a preacher

a pilot, a driver, a sailor
a plumber, an electrician, a hair dresser, a tailor

whatever u do for your survival in practice
you are an artist in this game of cat and mice

through these few words, a tribute by this host
to this community of creativity called 'artist'


  1. Excellent. You do have a way with words.

  2. Very nice! Only an artist can understand an artist and moreover everyone has an artist inside! The art is to bring that artist outside and he who does that becomes the real artist. :)