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Friday, February 22, 2013

A rain drop....

Its me... a Rain drop....
The time our journey started from within the cloud
We were destined to travel in a crowd

Every other droplet was a friend, no one a foe
Had this simple thought, where are we supposed to go

Travelling from such a height made us scare
But everyone of us was enjoying the travel in the air

One spoke, I should fall in a farming land
Help the farmer to enrich his share of sand

Other said, I would be happy to nurture a tree
which helps the human race to survive without a fee

Next came the voice, I would be happy to serve anywhere
we may not get all that we wish for here or there

This was very true, as majority of us would be of no usuage
Drained down along with mud deep into the sea or even a drainage

The lucky few among us would land safe without any hurl
the luckiest one who falls in a shell and  become a pearl

We all are the same in all aspect
Our value depends on the company we get


  1. yes all depends on us......
    what we are,where we are,with whom we are, how we are, what we want to be in our life .......
    it is our deeds which may let us be the purest soul to be a pearl.......

  2. sir,,this is really an AWESOME MESSAGE to all those who dont accept present,,,n start critisms

  3. Sir super.. best one till date. If you ever publish a book of poems, this must be there on top (arun, delhi)

    1. sure bro, thnks for the appreciation.... b n touch :-)God Bless!!!

  4. Awesome poem !! Amazing collaboration of words !! Loved it !! sir you rock !! :)

  5. Nice poem# Oh rain drop..v all here to do our bit....just as u do...#
    Reading d lines one by one, I cud feel...rain droplets no where status.
    U said it company does matters to enjoy lifes journey.