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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Who is Envy???

Mr. Ravi a daily laborer, used to travel to his workplace by walk. Thinking about all the adversities of life he faced in daily life, he stopped at a railway crossing.

A railway crossing, a signal are places on roads wherein every person, rich or poor, has to stop. No amount of any kind of influence can help you get over the other side easily. Such stops are important more so because everyone can continue his process of thinking which he generally does while travelling by road. Gazing each other is one of the best ways to get over time.

Like others, Mr. Ravi too was involved gazing people around him. Just then, a person arrived on bicycle near him. The next thought obviously that came to his mind was 'How lucky this chap is to have a bicycle?'. I will put in all efforts and earn some extra bucks to purchase a new bicycle at the earliest.

No sooner, the bicycle rider stopped, he gazed around to find a person on a two-wheeler. Not being an exception, he too thought, 'The person with two-wheeler is much more luckier than him, he can move fast with least physical efforts, I too need to have such a two-wheeler sooner than later'

Now, the two-wheeler owner was building his dreams to purchase a normal SUV at the earliest so that he can drive along with his family anywhere and everywhere without much fuss. This two-wheeler was not that helpful in that scenario.

The SUV owner on his part, was unhappy on the comforts his vehicle was providing him. He was attracted to the newly launched SUV which was parked besides him with the latest amenities and also for the fact that it was chauffeur-driven vehicle. He was imagining the comforts of just relaxing in the rear than face all the music by driving the car himself.

So many people weaving dreams in their own world were in a way envious of the position achieved by other person besides him. This if taken in positive sense, could be motivation for each to progress too.

From whatsoever was happening at the railway crossing, one could say for sure that the owner of the luxurious car relaxing at the rear is the luckiest chap around at that place as he had all the luxuries at his disposal. But as it is said, the grass is greener on the other side always.

The car owner was himself envy of Mr. Ravi.

He was thinking how lucky a man is who is walking on his own in the streets for he had lost both his legs at childhood itself.

Different people think different.

Be contented with whatever you have as others may be just wishing they have all that you have as of now.

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