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Friday, February 1, 2013

Being Satisfied

The work that brings peace to heart
The work that brings rest to mind
The work that brings a smile on the face

No matter how much laborious 
No matter how much time consuming
No matter how much pain staking

The work while being done
makes one forget the moon and sun
The work on completion
Brings about complete satisfaction

Irrespective what the world says
Still your mind appreciates
May be a routine for an outsider
Still you hear your heart beats clearer

Is your creativity; Is your vision
Is surely a matter of your pride, satisfaction

There are many views for being satisfied
One school says 'Never Be Satisfied', With what you have achieved
As it is a point of your being held back from progress
Whereas others say, 'Be satisfied with what you have achieved
As you need to be contended at some stage of life without stress'

Forget what the world says about your decision
It is going to bring you cheer and satisfaction

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